RELEASE: Trends in the demand for higher education in Latin America in 2023

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RELEASE: Trends in the demand for higher education in Latin America in 2023

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Madrid, February 15

The recent joint research by and has shed light on current trends in the demand for higher education in the Spanish-speaking world

The study titled "Higher Education in Ibero-America: A vision of the demand for higher studies in Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in 2023" highlights a significant growth in the demand for master's programs, especially in online mode, compared to degree programs, despite the fact that these continue to be the majority in number of enrolled students. Although face-to-face education continues to predominate, online education has gained ground, evidencing a paradigm shift in educational preferences. The study "Higher Education in Ibero-America" ​​is extends throughout numerous Spanish-speaking countries, including European and Latin American nations such as Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Panama, Honduras, Nicaragua, Uruguay, Paraguay, Cuba and Venezuela. This broad geographic coverage ensures a diverse and representative perspective on trends and preferences in higher education in the Spanish-speaking world. Óscar González, CEO and founder of Mundo Posgrado, points out that "the growing acceptance of the online modality, especially for master's degrees, reflects an adaptation to the flexibility and accessibility needs of students" adding that this study perfectly complements the previous study carried out by the portal that analyzed the "most in-demand Master's Degrees". On the other hand, Miguel García, founding partner of Carreras y Más, highlights that "despite the solid interest in undergraduate education, we observe an upward trend in the search for postgraduate training, which could be motivated by the search for job improvements and professional development," adding further that, although in some figures demand is still very low, online education is beginning to make its way into university courses. This study not only provides valuable data on the demand for higher education in Latin America, but also invites us to reflect on the future of education in the region. It is available for free download on the Mundo Posgrado and Carreras y Más websites, offering the media, educational institutions and the general public a key source of information to understand and respond to current educational trends.

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