RELEASE: Tundra Partners with CandidateX and TalentNet to Drive Diversity Initiatives

-Tundra revolutionizes contingent workforce programs by partnering with CandidateX and TalentNet to drive diversity initiatives.

RELEASE: Tundra Partners with CandidateX and TalentNet to Drive Diversity Initiatives

-Tundra revolutionizes contingent workforce programs by partnering with CandidateX and TalentNet to drive diversity initiatives

TORONTO, June 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Tundra, a leading provider of total talent and workforce management, announces its transformational partnership with CandidateX and TalentNet, to drive Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives within programs customer's contingent workforce.

CandidateX, a pioneer in inclusive recruiting solutions, joins forces with Tundra to dismantle hiring bias and create equal opportunity for underappreciated talent.

By leveraging cutting-edge integrations and combining the power of CandidateX software with TalentNet's intuitive talent community solution, Tundra empowers global brands to leverage inclusion data and insights. This unique feature allows companies to effortlessly track the diversity of their talent pool against real-time census analytics, giving clients direct access to multiple diverse job boards.

With this valuable information at their fingertips, Tundra equips clients to forge effective DEI strategies within their organizations, fostering a more inclusive and equitable workforce.

As the industry's leading recruiting company, Tundra is committed to ensuring fair and unbiased recruiting practices. To further solidify this commitment, Tundra's workforce completed CandidateX's Inclusive Recruiter E-Learning Program, which focuses on eradicating unconscious biases from the recruiting and hiring process.

As Tundra professionals earn the prestigious "Inclusive Recruiter" certification, both organizations strive to set a new standard in the recruiting industry on a global scale.

"Our transformative partnership with CandidateX enables us to provide our clients with revolutionary data insights and a fair pre-selection process through e-learning," said Micah Williams, President of Tundra.

"Through the CandidateX certification program, we equip our team with the tools to identify and eliminate unconscious recruiting biases. We are delighted to continue our partnership with CandidateX and are proud to be the first staffing firm to certify our recruiters as Inclusive Recruiters".

Sunil Dial, CEO and Co-Founder of CandidateX, recognizes the importance of partnering with organizations genuinely dedicated to improving the hiring process.

"We are excited to join forces with Tundra, a truly authentic organization driven by DEI action. Tundra wholeheartedly embraces positive change for various contingent workforce programs," Dial said. "It's inspiring to partner with a company that embodies its mission and integrates tangible DEI proof points. We're excited to foster this continued collaboration with Tundra as we make inclusive hiring the new standard across the industry."

By investing in training, data and tangible solutions, Tundra's collaboration with CandidateX and TalentNet is at the forefront of DEI innovation. Using cutting-edge technology and impactful strategies, they help empower organizations to break down barriers, unlock untapped potential, and build diverse teams that deliver exceptional results.

To learn more about Tundra and its groundbreaking partnership with CandidateX, visit our dedicated diversity and inclusion page here.

About Tundra

Since 2004, Tundra has grown into a global provider of total talent management solutions, attracting the best talent for the world's most recognized brands. Widely known for pioneering a cutting-edge approach to direct sourcing, Tundra is consistently recognized as one of the largest and fastest growing staffing organizations in North America. Last year, LinkedIn named Tundra a Champion of Diversity in Staffing and stood out as the most engaging recruiting brand on the platform. Stay up to date on our latest developments on LinkedIn or learn more about us on our website.

About CandidateX

CandidateX creates inclusion-focused recruiting solutions designed to increase access to opportunities for underappreciated talent. CandidateX removes bias from the hiring process through its AI-enabled anonymization technology and e-learning program to create 'inclusive recruiters'. The company was recognized by Sifted as an 'Early Stage Startup to Watch' in the HR Tech Industry List 2022. For more information, visit CandidateX online:

About TalentNet

TalentNet introduced the world to a better way to sourcing in 2013 with the launch of TalentNet's contingent labor direct sourcing platform. Today, Direct Sourcing is one of the fastest growing trends globally in talent acquisition. As technology pioneers in direct sourcing, we empower some of the world's leading brands to provide candidates with a seamless hiring experience, while simplifying supply chain complexity and reducing costs. Our mission is to transform the way organizations hire and acquire talent. For more information, visit

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