RELEASE: What is the secret behind the global popularity of Risen Energy's HJT Hyper-ion modules?

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: What is the secret behind the global popularity of Risen Energy's HJT Hyper-ion modules?

(Information sent by the signatory company)

NINGBO, China, March 21, 2024 /PRNewswire/ --Since its official launch in July 2023, Risen Energy's 700Wp Hyper-ion heterojunction (HJT) modules have proven their strength in overseas markets. With continuous improvements in module power and efficiency, as well as outstanding performance in high power generation and low carbon footprint, they are preferred by customers around the world. So far, Hyper-ion modules have been exported to nearly 40 countries and regions around the world, with a cumulative shipment volume exceeding 3 GW. Meanwhile, Risen Energy has been actively participating in the Belt and Road Initiative, with its Hyper-ion modules not only attracting mature PV markets in Europe and Latin America, but also expanding to countries along the Belt and Road. , including United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Israel, Iraq, Indonesia, Yemen, etc. Risen Energy has contributed its part to the global green economy while further increasing its brand influence.

Innovation is the central driving force behind Risen Energy's constant development. Throughout the R&D of HJT products, Risen Energy innovatively established an integrated R&D model for HJT technology, from silicon materials to modules, becoming the first company in the industry to mass produce barless HJT products. collector, ultra-thin silicon wafers and silver consumption of less than 7 mg/W and stress-free Hyper-Link interconnect technology, which effectively facilitates mass production of its HJT Hyper-ion products. Currently, the average efficiency of Risen Energy's HJT Hyper-ion solar cells in mass production exceeds 25.8%, and the module power exceeds 715Wp. With the continuous optimization of the HJT Hyper-ion solar cell production process and advancements in technology, both the conversion efficiency and module power continue to steadily increase.

As the global consensus on carbon reduction continues to expand, there is a significant increase in demand for renewable energy technologies and products. In this context, products that reduce LCOE and have a lower carbon footprint are driving the future advancement of the solar industry. HJT, as the technology and product with the highest electricity generation and conversion efficiency in single-junction technologies, also possesses unique low-carbon footprint attributes, making it more suitable for the technology path of the low LCOE market and low carbon demand. Furthermore, the HJT cell structure is easier to form tandem cells with perovskite, with excellent potential for technological iteration and broad development prospects.

In the future, Risen Energy will continue to carry out technological upgrades and iterations in the HJT field, reducing costs and increasing efficiency to solidify its core competitiveness, leading the industry in large-scale upgrades, and empowering global customers to accelerate development. green sustainable.

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