STATEMENT: IRENNE CHC announces her musical debut with her single REVELACTION

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: IRENNE CHC announces her musical debut with her single REVELACTION

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Madrid, March 21, 2024.- The R

A journey towards the awakening of consciousness

Under the name REVELACTION, IRENNE CHC seeks to express her vision that society is moving towards what she calls the "Age of Revelations" where the hidden comes to light, leading people to a higher level of consciousness, both in the spiritual as well as the mental.

Through this single, the singer urges her followers to embark on a journey to explore a new spirituality, questioning the reality that surrounds them. This piece was composed with the intention of reminding people of the importance of seeking an internal connection, which leads them to be centered and to a greater understanding of themselves. It should be noted that IRENNE CHC is an independent artist, she is not supported by any lobby, religious group, sect, company, organization, institution or entity that directs her art, so her way of composing is not subject to any ideological bias. . Therefore, it can be said that her productions are totally free.

When the hidden becomes visible

The REVELACTION theme is precisely about things that are hidden and come to the surface, leading people to a spiritual awakening and awareness within a new paradigm of thought and philosophy of life. This musical concept worked on by the artist seeks to show her decision to reveal the “true” self, regardless of social standards. In this sense, the song emerges as a dialogue in which there is a fight between his soul and her mind to face her fears, in which in the end she wins the soul.

But this song is not just about things that come to light, it also captures the beginning of the end of a life cycle, as well as the emergence of a more authentic and mature version of the singer. Furthermore, with this theme he also wanted to symbolize the closing of an existential cycle and the emergence of a new humanity with a new paradigm of transhumanist thought, where the concept of the human being that we have known until now comes to an end, to merge with the technology, in short, a new vision of the individual, his thinking and the reality that surrounds him.

This single is a deeply personal artistic expression of IRENNE CHC. This summarizes her artistic and life career. It can now be heard on its website or through the digital platforms on which it is available.



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