The unions estimate the monitoring of the banking strike at more than 75%

MADRID, 22 Mar.

The unions estimate the monitoring of the banking strike at more than 75%


The CCOO, UGT and FINE unions have put the follow-up of the strike of the employees assigned to the Banking collective agreement at 75.8%, as reported in a statement.

This agreement covers about 80,000 workers. Initially, the workers of the Savings agreement (55,000 employees) and those of Credit Cooperatives (17,000 employees) were also called to strike. However, the strike for workers assigned to these last two agreements was called off after reaching preliminary agreements to renew them.

The unions met yesterday with the AEB employers' association to try to reach a preliminary agreement, but after failing to achieve any satisfactory progress for the interests of the workers, they decided to maintain the call.

The workers' representatives criticized this Thursday that the AEB has not accepted their latest proposal, "despite being situated in the environment of the pre-agreements reached in savings and credit cooperatives."

Specifically, they had proposed a minimum increase consolidated in tables and for a period of three years (2024-2026) of 13%. As an alternative option, the possibility of applying a consolidated increase in tables in those three years of 12% plus a single payment of 3% in 2024, neither compensable nor absorbable, had also been suggested.

"We demand that Banco Santander, BBVA, Banco Sabadell, Bankinter, Deutsche Bank and the rest of the AEB entities listen to the main message that their staff has transmitted: that they want an agreement, at least, like the one signed by the Savings and Banking employers' associations. Credit Cooperatives: with fair salary increases that apply to the entire workforce, not discretionarily at the discretion of management," the unions have demanded.


In a statement, the AEB has indicated that it has the "best disposition" to try to find the "necessary" meeting points to reach an agreement in the next meetings.

"We regret the strike that is taking place today and, especially, the inconvenience that it may cause," the employers' association stressed.