STATEMENT: Revitalizing diplomatic missions: Hongqi vehicles as ambassadors of Chinese prestige

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: Revitalizing diplomatic missions: Hongqi vehicles as ambassadors of Chinese prestige

(Information sent by the signatory company)

CHANGCHUN, China, March 22, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- China FAW Group and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have reached a consensus to test the use of Hongqi vehicles in foreign embassies and consulates. In addition, Hongqi has provided a total of 77 diplomatic vehicles to Chinese embassies and consulates in 61 countries, contributing to the country's diplomatic efforts. As a symbol of China's automobile industry, Hongqi has always fulfilled important national missions. As the designated vehicle of the president of China, Hongqi represents the image and dignity of the nation.

In the field of international diplomacy, the selection of vehicles not only signifies the prestige of a nation but also summarizes the essence of its culture and values. In this context, China's esteemed automobile manufacturer Hongqi has become the epitome of excellence in diplomatic vehicle equipment, cementing its status as the preferred choice of government dignitaries.

The strategic partnership between China FAW Group Co., Ltd. (abbreviation of FAW) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs heralds a new era in showcasing the nation's identity and projecting its culture abroad. By deploying Hongqi vehicles in foreign embassies and consulates, this collaboration not only addresses the nation's diplomatic requirements but also amplifies the global influence of the Hongqi brand.

The widespread presence of Hongqi vehicles in key diplomatic posts around the world speaks volumes about the brand's reliability, sophistication and adherence to the highest standards of quality and luxury. The fleet spans several models, including the H7, H9, E-HS9 and HS7, designed to meet the diverse needs of diplomatic missions around the world. Whether maneuvering through the bustling streets of Tokyo, the historic avenues of Paris or the vibrant markets of Manila, Hongqi vehicles traverse diverse landscapes, embodying the essence of Chinese craftsmanship and innovation. They exude elegance and command respect, symbolizing China's diplomatic prowess and dedication to excellence.

Furthermore, beyond mere functionality, Hongqi vehicles embody the fusion of tradition and innovation, seamlessly fusing classic design elements with cutting-edge technology. From meticulously designed interiors to formidable performance on the road, every facet of a Hongqi vehicle reflects meticulous attention to detail and the pursuit of perfection.

With every expedition undertaken, Hongqi vehicles continue to embody the pinnacle of excellence, seamlessly integrating Chinese craftsmanship with global diplomacy. Its presence serves as a beacon of strength and reliability, reinforcing China's commitment to diplomacy and showcasing the nation's capabilities on the world stage.

In essence, the deployment of Hongqi vehicles in foreign diplomatic missions not only improves the efficiency and prestige of the Chinese diplomatic corps but also raises the global perception of Chinese prowess and ingenuity. As emissaries of Chinese culture and excellence, Hongqi vehicles are a testament to the nation's steadfast commitment to quality, innovation and diplomacy on the international stage.

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