RELEASE: Yili Group wins IDF Dairy Innovations Awards


RELEASE: Yili Group wins IDF Dairy Innovations Awards

CHICAGO, Oct. 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- The winners of the IDF Dairy Innovation Awards were officially announced at the World Dairy Summit 2023, held October 16-19 in Chicago. Yili Group was the only global dairy company to be awarded two IDF Dairy Innovation Awards. These awards praise Yili for its outstanding achievements in dairy innovation and sustainable products.

Yili's campaign "Declare your love for the Earth with Actions-SATINE Eco-Sustainable Packaging without ink or printing" won the "Sustainable Packaging Innovation" award. The individual boxes are designed in pure white, without traditional ink printing, and only the necessary product information is laser printed. With lids made from sugar cane and outer boxes made from recycled milk containers, about 260 kg of plastic can be saved to produce every 100,000 outer boxes, which can substantially reduce raw material consumption and help Yili lead the path towards sustainable development of the industry. Richard Walton, member of the awards jury, said: "The innovation and sustainability aspects that Yili is bringing to the market are extraordinarily impressive. In particular on the packaging, it is a beautiful packaging, without ink, and it is also recyclable, which which is very impressive."

Yili's "Room Temperature Cheese Lollipop" was also successful, winning the award for "Innovation in New Product Development Focusing on Food Safety and Consumer Nutrition." By adding bifidobacterium lactis BL-99 to the product, Yili has launched a new category of children's cheese lollipops that can be stored at room temperature, pushing the limits of traditional cold chain logistics and low-temperature sales in the market. "The room temperature cheese lollipop has been an incredible idea that I had never imagined before. It is very good and provides nutrition to people. Room temperature innovations are exceptional because now you can bring dairy products and even probiotics to areas where before were not available," added Richard Walton.

The continuous flow of innovation achievements is supported by Yili's global innovation network. To date, Yili has established 15 innovation centers around the world, launched collaborative initiatives in innovative healthy food R&D with its partners, and cooperated in innovation with foreign universities, scientific research institutions and partners such as the International Institute of Life Sciences, Wageningen University

Yili is committed to adopting a consumer-centric approach, making breakthroughs and creating competitive advantages in core technologies to make healthy products suitable for all groups of people, all consumption scenarios and complete life cycles.


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