RELEASE: Zaozhuang of Shandong: pioneer in notable advances in the pomegranate industry

ZAOZHUANG, China, Sept.

RELEASE: Zaozhuang of Shandong: pioneer in notable advances in the pomegranate industry

ZAOZHUANG, China, Sept. 28, 2023/PRNewswire/ -- Recently, the 2023 Pomegranate Industry Development Conference was held in Zaozhuang City, Shandong Province. It brought together national and international participants to discuss the integrated development of the pomegranate industry. During the event, a signing ceremony for 24 projects was held, including the construction of a test garden for new pomegranate varieties in Zaozhuang City. In addition, the conference also featured special activities such as the Pomegranate Products Live Broadcast Conference, which was attended by tens of thousands of people, the opening ceremony of the Pomegranate Space Seedling Base, and a captivating exhibition and sales showcase of distinctive intangible cultural heritage products, according to the Internet Information Office of the Zaozhuang Municipal Party Committee.

Zaozhuang City is recognized as one of the top seven pomegranate-producing regions in China. The pomegranate occupies a unique position as a distinctive, advantageous and influential brand in the agricultural industry in Zaozhuang. The city has a pomegranate cultivation area of ​​20,000 acres, with pomegranate production exceeding 60,000 metric tons.

In recent years, Zaozhuang City has prioritized the development of its pomegranate industry, aiming to establish itself as a prominent center for industrial growth with the motto "Zaozhuang, the world's pomegranate capital." Zaozhuang's pomegranate industry is a national leader, with a comprehensive and advanced industrial chain covering both fresh pomegranates and pomegranate bonsai. Local annual production of pomegranate bonsai reaches approximately 200,000 pots, with a total of more than 300,000 throughout the city. This industry has a market value of more than 500 million yuan and employs more than 3,500 people. The pomegranate bonsai made in Zaozhuang has won more than 300 prestigious awards at horticultural exhibitions around the world. Zaozhuang City is home to more than 30 pomegranate processing companies, specializing in a wide range of products such as pomegranate juice, pomegranate wine, pomegranate vinegar, pomegranate tea, pomegranate honey, pomegranate cosmetics and pomegranate pancakes. . Taking advantage of its abundant pomegranate resources and cultural heritage, Zaozhuang has established the national AAAA-level "Guanshi Pomegranate Garden Scenic Area" and initiated the development of leisure and vacation projects such as the Shuimu Shitianyuan Integrated Complex.

Image Attachment Links:Link: Caption: A pomegranate deep processing workshop in Zaozhuang City produces pomegranate juice products.

Link: Caption: Pomegranate farmers in Yicheng District, Zaozhuang City, joyfully welcome the harvest.

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