STATEMENT: '40% of Spaniards take advantage of their trips to practice sports according to ViajerosPiratas

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STATEMENT: '40% of Spaniards take advantage of their trips to practice sports according to ViajerosPiratas

(Information sent by the signatory company)

A new type of traveler has emerged, the sporty travellers, for whom sport gains weight when planning a trip.

Madrid, April 29, 2024.- More and more Spaniards incorporate sport into their routines, and this is reflected in the need to be able to do physical activity also when they travel. According to data from ViajerosPiratas, the most visited travel platform in Spain, 40% of Spaniards say they practice sports when they travel. Active tourism allows travelers not only to maintain daily routines, but also to dedicate their leisure time to their hobbies: running, cycling, surfing, climbing, hiking or practicing yoga or Pilates. Being able to practice your favorite sport or try a new discipline increases the importance when choosing one destination or another (61%). "The data reflect a clear trend that moves away from mass tourism and is increasingly oriented towards experiences adapted to the individual needs and interests of travelers. Not only with respect to sports practices, but also holistic experiences to take care of themselves inside and out," explains Pablo Santaella, Head of market at ViajerosPiratas. A new type of traveler. , the sporty traveler In addition to the physical and mental benefits it brings, sport is an excellent opportunity to meet and connect with new people with the same interests. 53% of Spaniards take advantage of their trips to meet people who share their interest in the same sports disciplines and a healthy lifestyle. Among those who practice sports during their trips, 60% adapt their fit routine to the chosen destination in order to explore it In a different way; whether doing Nordic walking, paddle surfing, kayaking or cycling routes. "In the same way that there are those who are passionate about discovering new restaurants and cafes when they are traveling, you can also do "study and gym tourism." It is important to see sport from a new perspective, as a gift to give yourself. yourself, to connect with the body and feel better. Whether it's yoga, barre, CrossFit, cycling or stretching, it's the same. In addition, keeping your metabolism active is of great help against jet-lag and improves the quality of sleep. during the holidays makes perfect sense, since it is the time when you do the things that make you happiest," explains Sidonie Geisweiller, founder and CEO of The Barrefit® Studio centers. The hotel sector observed that, after the pandemic, travelers , especially millennials (58%) required a better sports and nutritional offer to be able to maintain their routines during their stay as well. For this reason, more and more accommodations are implementing improvements in their sports facilities or changes in their gastronomic offer to adapt to the new demands of the Spanish public. Gyms with high-end equipment and machines, hiring prestigious professionals such as personal trainers and yoga or Pilates teachers; as well as a gastronomic offer with fitness menus and protein dishes are differentiating factors for this type of traveler. Top destinations for each sport When they travel, Spaniards opt for running, while Spanish women lean towards yoga or Pilates. They dream of running through Central Park in New York, inspired by series like Sex

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