STATEMENT: Allianz Seguros launches its new Health insurance

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: Allianz Seguros launches its new Health insurance

(Information sent by the signatory company)

A flexible and simple product, renewed with cutting-edge coverage and services, with and without co-payment. Allianz Salud includes oral services free of charge. To celebrate the launch, the company is giving away 3 free months of its policy and 3 months, free of charge, to a wellness platform

Allianz Seguros has launched its new health insurance, renewed and with cutting-edge services, which includes modalities with and without co-payment. It is an insurance solution that gives access to more than 55,000 specialists, nearly 13,000 medical centers and around 900 hospitals and offers video consultation and medical chat. It reinforces the company's commitment to offering the most tailored and updated solutions to the needs of each client.

Allianz Health incorporates into its offer the latest technological innovations at the service of health, such as the Da Vinci surgical procedure, minimally invasive and the most precise that exists, laser therapy, the fetal DNA test in maternal blood or the application of shock waves in rehabilitation, among others. In addition, it includes oral services for free and the psychology service is introduced. All this eliminating usual limits such as those of special surgical materials or cytostatic medication in chemotherapy treatments.

The new Allianz health insurance adds simplicity and flexibility to its extensive healthcare coverage, by making different customization options available to users, depending on the client's circumstances and needs, as well as agile and easy management through an app Through the app, there is a 24-hour medical chat, video calls or online prescription issuance.

"We have designed a product that updates and completes traditional insurance, incorporating the most cutting-edge technology and the best prevention tools in order to provide the best protection for the health of the insured," explains Celso Fernández, Deputy Director General, Life, Health and Wealth Management of Allianz Seguros. "Our new Health insurance also includes a wide spectrum of solutions and care for health and mental balance, an area that is of increasing concern to our clients and that at Allianz we want to contribute to taking care of," he adds.

Three months free and three months subscription to a wellness platform

In line with Allianz's commitment to promoting prevention when caring for physical and mental health and well-being, the company has incorporated a series of additional advantages for its policyholders. Thus, those clients who contract Allianz Salud will enjoy three free months of their policy and another three months, at no cost, of access to the Blue Bamboo wellness platform, where they can access meditation, yoga, nutrition, psychology or coaching classes. .

Furthermore, in the coming weeks Allianz will launch the Wellness Tour by Blue Bamboo, in different Spanish cities, where you can enjoy an exclusive wellness experience.

About Allianz Seguros

Allianz Seguros is the main subsidiary of the Allianz Group in Spain and one of the leading companies in the Spanish insurance sector. To offer the best results for customers, the company is committed to physical proximity (through its Branches and Delegations with nearly 2,000 employees and its network of more than 10,000 mediators), and technological proximity (through tools such as its application for smartphones and tablets, its eClient area of ​​the corporate website, and its more than 500,000 SMS sent annually to its clients).

It has one of the most complete and innovative product ranges on the market and is based on the concept of comprehensive security. For this reason, the products and services offered by the company range from the personal and family to the business sphere, offering everything from Life, Car, Home, Accident, or Health insurance, through Multi-risk for companies and businesses, to the most personalized insurance solutions. complex.


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Photo caption: New Allianz health product Author: Allianz

Photo caption: New Allianz health product Author: Allianz

Photo caption: New Allianz health product Author: Allianz