STATEMENT: Amatxi, the first delivery of potato tortillas in Bilbao opens its doors

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: Amatxi, the first delivery of potato tortillas in Bilbao opens its doors

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Bilbao, February 24, 2023.

Bilbao is proud of being a city with a unique and diverse gastronomy, and now it has a new addition to its culinary scene: Amatxi, the first tortilla delivery in the city with local and quality ingredients, whose essence is Basque cuisine from all life, "that of our moms"

The potato omelette is a key element of Basque identity and culture, and the new venue has managed to capture the essence of this dish in each bite, reinventing the way it is eaten. Amatxi's challenge was to become the first digital brand that delivers a first-class tortilla in just 30 minutes to be enjoyed hot anywhere, whether at home or in the office, in just 30 minutes. Although Amatxi offers options for dinner On location, their main focus is on delivery first and takeaway. In a world where fast and unhealthy food is everywhere, they seek to offer a healthy and tasty alternative. From its own website, Amatxi Tortillas, you can now order your tortillas at home anywhere in the center of Bilbao and 5 km around, although they plan to expand the delivery area shortly. It is not known if the legend that tells is true that the potato omelette was invented by Tomás de Zumalakarregi while he was besieging the town of Bilbao. But although this delicious dish was not born in Bilbao, the truth is that some of the best tortillas can be found in the town. This is how the founders of Amatxi tell it, "the Bilbao tortilla may not have been born in Bilbao, but the tastiest is here". Although the bar was very high, the Amatxi team has perfected their technique, managing to create one of the best tortillas to order at home in Bilbao. The secret of its success lies in the quality of its organic, fresh and local ingredients: supreme quality potatoes from Alava, free-range eggs from happy chickens, extra virgin olive oil and a pinch of love from ama. The inspiration behind Amatxi is the essence of lifelong Basque cuisine, the traditional recipes that are passed down from generation to generation and the passion of the Basques for the products of their land. The name of the brand is itself a tribute to the women who have raised Basque gastronomy to another level, all the loves and loves who spent time cooking over low heat, with care, patience and with natural, fresh and local ingredients. .On the Amatxi menu: potato omelettes for all palates The Amatxi team has achieved, following the steps and instructions of the usual recipe, a potato omelette with attitude: a bite full of flavor, juiciness, with the potato at its exact point and balance between all the ingredients. Amatxi offers different versions of its omelette to satisfy all palates, including sincebolistas: omelette with onion, without onion, with Joselito chorizo, with Rioja joy and with truffle. There is also an option for lovers of bread and football, because Amatxi is from Bilbao and Athletic. A juicy tortilla Burger between etxeko sourdough bread to enjoy the best matches in the cathedral. In addition, the place provides the perfect complements to taste at a table next to an omelette: sourdough bread, Joselito sausages and a homemade cheesecake that leaves no one indifferent. When an Amatxi tortilla is ordered, it arrives at home warm, as if it were almost freshly made and in a box prepared so that the tortilla arrives in perfect condition. Perfect to enjoy at the moment with friends or family. Its only dessert, a homemade baked cheesecake, with the perfect balance between softness and creaminess, and, best of all, in an individual format so you don't have to share it. In summary, the Amatxi restaurant in Bilbao is a place that is worth it. visit. Whether for those who are looking for a healthy fast food option or for those who simply want to try an authentic potato omelette, this new establishment will not disappoint. In addition, from Thursday, February 23, you can already enjoy their pintxos of omelette in the premises, why not try it today and taste the essence of traditional Basque cuisine?

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