STATEMENT: "Andalusia: History and Civilization" hosts the "Flamenco Night" within its various artistic programs

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: "Andalusia: History and Civilization" hosts the "Flamenco Night" within its various artistic programs

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Abu Dhabi, December 15, 2023.

A night of song and show that celebrates the mix of civilizations and cultures

The "Andalusia: History and Civilization" initiative is prepared to organize the "Noche Flamenco" event on December 20 at the prestigious Emirates Palace Auditorium in Abu Dhabi. The event, lasting an hour and a half, will feature the presence of the illustrious Ana Morales, distinguished performer and award-winning contemporary artist, recognized for her mastery of this ancient Spanish art. Flamenco, the cornerstone of traditional Spanish arts, is a vibrant expression that intertwines vocal color, instrumental touch and the rhythmic movements of dance. It embodies the elegant and harmonious rhythms influenced by Andalusian, Eastern and Byzantine traditions, and constitutes a unique expression of Spanish culture. His Excellency Mohammad Al Murr, president of the "Andalusia: History and Civilization" Initiative Committee, has assured that the "Noche Flamenca" art show will be part of the initiative's efforts to highlight the ancient artistic heritage of the Andalusian civilization and its unique productions and encourage cultural exchange. Al Murr went on to explain that the ceremony will be an exceptional experience that ignites artistic senses among the people of Abu Dhabi, encourages cognitive and cultural exchanges, and draws attention to the values ​​of coexistence and tolerance in the rejuvenation of civilization. human.Ana Morales has said: "It is exciting to perform at this event celebrating the Spanish art of flamenco. This distinctive art embodies the unique expression of Spanish culture through a fusion of Andalusian rhythms. During this event, it will be fantastic to be able to communicate with the public and flamenco fans of the UAE. Furthermore, I would like to express a sincere gratitude to the organizing committee of the "Andalusia: History and Civilization" initiative for offering me this opportunity to showcase the beauty of this ancient art. The "Andalusia: History and Civilization" initiative History and Civilization" aims to draw attention to one of the great eras in history, highlighting the cultural, intellectual and artistic heritage of the Arab civilization in Andalusia, as well as its abundant progress and development in science, literature and philosophy. The initiative has an impressive lineup of artistic and cultural events that celebrate the unique Andalusian civilization, which serves as a notable example of coexistence and tolerance. This reflects the UAE's distinctive approach and its commitment to preserving the values ​​of tolerance, cooperation and coexistence. As part of "Andalusia: History and Civilization", an art exhibition will be held at the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Center . During this exhibition, visitors will be taken on a historical journey to explore numerous archaeological sites, as well as holding various side events and creative workshops aimed at raising awareness of Andalusian civilization.

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