STATEMENT: Avanza Fibra obtains financial support from Banco Santander's "Smart Fund" for its new expansion

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: Avanza Fibra obtains financial support from Banco Santander's "Smart Fund" for its new expansion

(Information sent by the signatory company)

The deployment plan includes 300,000 real estate units, 47 stores and more than 300 jobs. FTTH (fiber to the home) services are expanded in populations bordering those already existing with Avanza services and the leap is made to the provinces of Granada and Cuenca

Murcia, March 15, 2023.- Avanza Fibra, an independent fiber optic operator and internet and telephony marketer in the provinces of Almería, Murcia, Albacete, Alicante and Valencia, expands its coverage and makes the leap to the provinces of Granada and Cuenca, within the new expansion project planned for the next three years and under the financial umbrella of Banco Santander's "Smart Fund". The work plan includes the deployment of a total of 300,000 UUII (Real Estate Units) -at a rate of about 10,000 per month-, which means 47 new FTTH (fiber to the home) networks, close to fifty stores , one hundred direct jobs and another two hundred indirect ones.

In addition to including areas bordering towns and cities where Avanza Fibra services are already available, among the new towns to highlight and whose operations begin imminently, it is worth mentioning Águilas (Murcia), Vera (Almería), Baza (Granada), Hellín (Albacete), Motilla del Palancar (Cuenca) and Cullera in Valencia. David de Gea, CEO of the group companies, stresses that "this is the great leap we have been waiting for, for which we have worked uninterruptedly for the last four years. Avanza will not only be a benchmark for our clients, but will also become in a company that is an example of self-improvement and conscious growth. The support of Banco Santander and belonging to the "Smart Fund" will help us achieve the goals set back in 2018, when I decided to launch the firm Avanza as what it is today is".

The project, which should be executed by the end of 2025 -adding more than one million marketable real estate units and one hundred stores for Avanza-, is reminiscent of the deployment that Avanza carried out for Masmóvil and which culminated last year with the delivery of 350,000 UUII . "The difference is that, during that time, we deployed fiber optics for Masmóvil and also our own network (almost 400,000). The infrastructure for the construction of more than ten thousand a month is already created, we just have to put it back to work all the machinery on something that we already know how to do and that, in addition, we have done very well. As for marketing, Avanza already has 57 stores, so we will continue implementing the same protocols to inaugurate the FTTH network and point of sale at the same time, counting on the support of Avanza's central services that we have in Murcia", says de Gea.

One of the firm's bets is to reach those populations that do not have a "local" operator (network independent from national operators). On the other hand, instead of planning a deployment in cities or provincial capitals (where the infrastructures are already created and work is easier), Avanza has meticulously chosen smaller towns to offer its services.

AVANZA FIBRA, an internet operator and telecommunications engineering specialized in fiber optic deployment, currently has coverage of more than 90 FTTH networks in Almería, Murcia, Alicante, Valencia and Albacete, and 57 direct sales stores with its own brand .

Photograph that accompanies the news:

At the Banco Santander headquarters in Murcia and from left to right: Federico López (Head of Business and Companies of Banco Santander in southern Alicante), Juan Francisco Navarro (Managing Director Avanza), David de Gea (CEO Avanza), Jorge Millán Haro (Head of the Smart Valencia-Murcia Santander Empresas Fund).


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