STATEMENT: Bnka: the financial revolution for Argentines in Europe

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STATEMENT: Bnka: the financial revolution for Argentines in Europe

(Information sent by the signatory company)

In the current revolutionary change of the financial sector, Bnka is positioned as the focus of an unprecedented transformation, aimed in a first phase, specifically, at Argentines looking for new opportunities in Europe. This financial platform, which merges accessibility with technological innovation, promises to be a new paradigm for those who have encountered obstacles when trying to integrate into the traditional banking system.

Madrid, February 8, 2024.- With a disruptive and innovative approach, the Bnka financial platform eliminates the barriers traditionally associated with opening bank accounts abroad. Now, Argentine citizens can open their first account in euros in Europe by presenting only their passport and a local mobile number, a novelty that simplifies and democratizes access to basic financial services. Bnka incorporates blockchain technology, a strategic decision that does not it only improves the security in, and of the transactions that ensure the real exchange rate. This feature is particularly attractive for those users looking to maximize the value of their international transfers by allowing them to directly benefit from the exchange gap without intermediaries. Bnka is the first accessible euro account because it has instant access that requires minimal documentation: it is only A passport and a local mobile phone number are necessary to open the first account in euros, which eliminates barriers and allows you to start operating in the European financial system easily and quickly. Secondly, it is a platform designed specifically for Argentines. Bnka understands and is knowledgeable about the challenges that migrants have to overcome when moving to a new country, which is why it has simplified the process so that its clients can have their own account in euros, without the need for complicated verifications or unattainable requirements. How As explained by Bnka, this comprehensive solution for Argentines in Europe offers the following advantages: •  Personalized multi-currency accounts: in addition to an account in euros, Bnka allows you to manage multiple currencies, adapting to financial needs, no matter where you are. •  International transfers beneficial: send and receive funds to and from Argentina, taking advantage of the real exchange rate and the speed that only blockchain technology can offer.•  Security and trust with cutting-edge technology: security is your priority. With Bnka, each transaction is secure and transparent, providing the peace of mind necessary to manage funds abroad. Bnka is a hit in financial inclusion. The launch of Bnka is not only relevant for its technological innovation, but also for its social impact. It offers a comprehensive solution to financial exclusion, becoming a key ally for Argentinians residing in Europe, facilitating a fair and empowering financial transition. The arrival of Bnka to Europe marks the beginning of a new era in financial inclusion for Argentine migrants. With its focus on security, accessibility and the direct benefit of the exchange gap, Bnka is emerging as a movement that redefines what it means to manage money in a globalized world. The Argentine community in Europe now has a powerful tool at its disposal. which, in addition to offering financial freedom, also opens the doors to a world full of opportunities, without the limitations of the banking systems of yesteryear. With Bnka, as expressed by the Platform itself, "we empower you to take control of your finances in a new environment, offering you the freedom and tools necessary to prosper." Issuer: Bnka

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