STATEMENT: Camaleön Tours offers excursions in Amsterdam for this Easter

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: Camaleön Tours offers excursions in Amsterdam for this Easter

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Opting for a guided excursion around Amsterdam is an excellent way to make the most of your time discovering its secrets, under the guidance of local Spanish-speaking guides. Allowing you to learn, first-hand, historical, artistic and cultural aspects that further enrich the experience. Without a doubt, it is the ideal option to learn more about this fascinating city in northern Europe.

Amsterdam, March 11, 2024.- Amsterdam is one of the most touristic cities in Europe, known as "The Venice of the North", it has numerous bridges that cross the entire city from one side to the other. With more than a hundred and a half canals and their emblematic places, it offers an experience that leaves no one indifferent. Luckily, the city has numerous guided excursions to get to know each and every one of its ins and outs. One of the most complete guided excursions is the excursion through Rotterdam and The Hague, organized by Camaleön Tours, which lasts approximately 8 hours and which runs through the city of Rotterdam and The Hague. The adventure begins at La Bowling Powerzones where a bus picks up tourists at 9:00 am to head to The Hague, where they will visit majestic buildings, palaces and embassies and stroll among ancient trees on the shore of the Paleistuin park pond. After a coffee In The Hague, they will head to Binnenhof, a complex of buildings that, for centuries, was the Dutch government palace and now houses the Official Chambers of the Government. When leaving the city, and with a neo-Renaissance style, you can admire the Peace Palace, where the International Court of Justice is housed. Located in the world epicenter of modern architecture, is Rotterdam, a city almost 800 years old. of history and that mixes history, culture and modernism. After the Second World War, this city managed to re-emerge until it became one of the most important cities in terms of architecture. At this point, it is worth highlighting the Markthal, a covered market recognized for its spectacular roof where you can enjoy a wide variety of traditional stalls that offer everything from fresh local foods to unique products. From Camaleön Tours, they comment that: "Rotterdam, you will fall in love with it for its modernity and groundbreaking architecture, and The Hague, for its elegance and beauty."To end the day, you will visit Oude Haven, a port that dates back to the 14th century and is considered the city's first port. A place that combines ancient and modern architecture and where you can enjoy its bars and terraces while enjoying the views of the port, is something characteristic. You will also be enthralled by the Cube Houses, a set of innovative houses built and designed by the architect Piet Blom that are based on the concept, "living like an urban roof". The visit ends at the Church of San Lorenzo, which stands out for being the only church in Rotterdam that has been preserved in its original state since the Middle Ages. With a Gothic style, this church suffered the bombings of World War II, although, years later, and as an additional fact, it was rebuilt by Queen Juliana once the war ended. When you leave the city and from the bus, you will enjoy a panoramic view of everything you didn't have time to see during your visit. Another excellent option is to take the private Giethoorn excursion, which lasts 9 hours. A town located in the Weerribben – Wieden National Park (an hour and a half from Amsterdam) whose inhabitants move from one place to another by boat. With its numerous thatched roof buildings, it is a place that captivates with its charm. To end the excursion, and after passing through the Houtribdijk dam that divides the Ijsselmeer and Markermeer lakes, we will make a stop in Enkhuizen. Key city in the Golden Age of Holland and where time seems to have stopped. Characterized by being a fishing town, it was considered one of the richest cities in the country as it has one of the most important ports. Its canals, bridges, and historic buildings make Enkhuizen one of the most iconic cities in the Netherlands. In short, Amsterdam is the ideal destination to spend this Easter for people who are fascinated by the combination, adventure and culture. . Furthermore, due to its history, it is a city recognized worldwide. Its unknown and varied gastronomy and its numerous leisure plans make this city a tourist enclave. Protagonist of films such as "The Fault in Our Stars" and "The Black Book" adds a special touch to his incomparable charm.

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