STATEMENT: 'El Gran Wyoming' collects the Torta del Casar award on behalf of 'El Intermedio' for its dissemination of cheese

Casar de Cáceres, October 21, 2023.

STATEMENT: 'El Gran Wyoming' collects the Torta del Casar award on behalf of 'El Intermedio' for its dissemination of cheese

Casar de Cáceres, October 21, 2023.- The Regulatory Council of the Torta del Casar Protected Designation of Origin has awarded 'El Intermedio' the Torta del Casar award this Friday for the program's contribution to the dissemination of the protected cheese and its activities.

The presenter of the program, José Miguel Monzón, popularly known as 'El Gran Wyoming', the presenter Sandra Sabatés and the collaborator from Cáceres Cristina Gallego attended the event to collect the award.

'El Gran Wyoming' thanked him for the award he received and explained that the recognition was due to a script error, which, after being corrected, has become the best cheese promotion. In addition, 'Wyoming' has acknowledged that it is a regular consumer of Torta del Casar.

For his part, the president of the Regulatory Council of the Torta del Casar Denomination of Origin, Ángel Pacheco, has thanked 'El Intermedio' for its collaboration in making the cheese and its characteristics known to its audience. “It is a very important support that a program with the relevance of 'El Intermedio' talks about Torta del Casar. We are very happy to present the award to you and, furthermore, very grateful that you have come to collect it in person. We know that they have very tight agendas and we greatly appreciate that they have traveled to Cáceres to be here with us,” Pacheco concluded.

In addition, during the evening the diplomas of the XXIII Torta del Casar Tasting Contest were also awarded to the 'Quesos del Casar' cheese factory as the best certified cheese of the season and the X Prize for Best Livestock Producer 2023, to Andrés Lucas Pérez González, who retires after a lifetime working with the D.O.P. The diploma of the 16th edition of the digital photography contest Shoot, Send and Win has also been awarded to David Martín Pinto for his image of Salamanca; and, finally, the contest for the XIV Tapa Route with Torta del Casar to the Sala Ultrella.

The awards were presented during the institutional closing ceremony of Torta del Casar Week, thus putting the finishing touch to numerous popular activities focused on promoting the protected cheese.

The president of the Regulatory Council, Ángel Pacheco, highlighted that with this event they wanted to “recognize the work of all the people who work inside and outside the D.O.P, making it possible for Torta del Casar to continue being a benchmark cheese at the national level.”

Cake Week, “a success” with a “very notable turnout”

Cake Week, held from October 12 to 20, has been “a success.” This is how the director of the Torta del Casar Denomination of Origin, Javier Muñoz, summarizes it, highlighting that “many people have attended the popular activities, filling the capacity of all the workshops and tastings held.”

“Although we were facing a long bridge and many movements were expected, we have had a very notable influx of public. We are very happy because many people have been able to enjoy the activities and learn a little more in depth about our cheese and all the activities that surround it,” concludes Muñoz.

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