STATEMENT: ELFBAR brings ELFA PRO to the United Kingdom


STATEMENT: ELFBAR brings ELFA PRO to the United Kingdom

LONDON, Aug. 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- ELFBAR, a global pioneer in vaping technology, introduces the UK to ELFA PRO, an iteration of its ELFA pod system vaper, inheriting ELFBAR's beloved and authentic flavours.

After the UK, ELFA PRO will also be available in other European markets such as France in September, Spain in October and Ireland in October.

Opt for a greener solution

With this update, ELFBAR demonstrates its continued drive for sustainability to present a more cost-effective product offering, while striving to deliver an exceptional user experience.

In a cutting-edge move, ELFA PRO offers users a greener solution to reduce battery and plastic waste. Vapers can easily enjoy a range of 38 flavors while reducing their environmental impact. The varied selection of capsules also adheres to its mission of offering products with the best value for money.

Mouthfeel protected by quaq Tech combination

ELFA PRO's solution greatly helps to deliver pleasing and authentic flavors, in line with other ELFBAR brand disposable products.

As for the coil, the quaq Mesh Coil, a mainstay in the quaq Tech triathlon combo, further enhances the overall ELFA PRO experience. Formed by high-precision medical-grade instruments, quaq Mesh Coil provides exceptional cohesion of the wire wick, resulting in strong bursts of flavors, stable consistency to the last puff, smooth, full vapor, and excellent flavor reproduction.

ELFA PRO is distinguished by the application of the exclusive cotton bobbin. Compared to the ceramic coil, the cotton coil is able to offer an even more optimized mouthfeel, with greater delivery of more authentic flavors.

ELFA PRO also incorporates E-liquid Coil Separation (ECS) technology to effectively maintain freshness and optimally contain e-liquid leakage. Meanwhile, bolstered by the latest quaq CAPSULE, ELFA PRO is the first on the market to achieve zero second coil saturation, delivering a seamless experience from the first puff without any latency.

"We are delighted to introduce the ELFA PRO, the latest device in the ELFA series that not only delivers smooth, authentic flavors thanks to our quaq Mech Coil, but also contributes to our overall goal of remaining environmentally responsible, especially in the UK," said Victor Xiao, COO of ELFBAR.

"ELFBAR has not wavered in its efforts to offer the best possible sustainable vaping products, being the first in the industry to address the problems of our users, and we are on the right track to achieve this," he added.

A design to know where you are

The gradient two-tone surface of ELFA PRO embodies a positive attitude. A visible pod crowns the upper part of the body, which allows users to easily monitor the fluid level and prevents any unpleasant burnt taste when taking puffs. A choice of eight colors is offered in this iteration.

ELFA PRO is the latest product from ELFBAR committed to providing vapers with cutting-edge and environmentally responsible solutions. With a greener approach, exceptional flavors and an enhanced vaping experience thanks to the quaq Tech combo, ELFA PRO is positioned as an industry disruptor.


ELFBAR is a pioneer and innovator in the global vaping industry, with an unwavering dedication to exploring new inspirations and unlocking more possibilities in life, providing a distinct vaping experience to satisfy the diverse palates of global users. Meanwhile, ELFBAR has remained true to its commitment to compliance, youth protection and sustainable development in all the global markets in which it does business.

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