STATEMENT: FEVITUR asks the autonomous communities to apply the governance model approved in Andalusia

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: FEVITUR asks the autonomous communities to apply the governance model approved in Andalusia

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Valencia, February 16

The Federation of Tourist Housing and Apartment Associations of Spain (FEVITUR), and the sector it represents, asks the rest of the communities in Spain to apply the open governance model that has recently been approved in Andalusia

In the words of Miguel Ángel Sotillos, president of FEVITUR, the Andalusian decree constitutes a clear example that the agreement is possible, given that "there are examples of collaboration in Spain like the one we see now in Andalusia, and for many years in the Basque Country, where there is both an alignment with public administrations, and an exemplary coexistence between all types of accommodation typologies. We hope that the governance examples of Andalusia and the Basque Country constitute the backbone for the rest of the autonomous communities where the agents and public administrations collaborate for the sake of quality, legal security and qualification of all types of accommodation, which have made Spain the second largest recipient of tourists in the world and an export power of tourist know-how, in which other countries are looking. to manage tourism". In the face of the torn confrontation between hotels and housing for tourist use, the regulatory chaos, confusing or even non-existent, that the sector suffers in other territories, Andalusia has developed an advanced governance model that regulates the figure of the management company, differentiating the owner of the property from the owner of the activity, generating the necessary conditions for those management models of tourist housing to prevail that satisfy the commitments of tax contribution and quality of employment, in a manner analogous to the best hotels. Likewise, Asier Pereda, head of the Regulatory Affairs and Institutional Relations area of ​​FEVITUR, points out that "both Andalusia and the Basque Country prove that an alignment is possible between the agents of the sector, the hotels and the public administrations. The consensus achieved in both territories challenges all the parties involved. From the representatives of the tourist housing sector itself, to the hotel employers and those responsible for public administrations. Congratulations to all of them."FEVITUR explains that Andalusia is right in betting on qualification of the offer, providing the tourist housing sector with the attributes of a consolidated business sector. In this sense, Pereda states that "the management company model regulated by the Andalusian decree lays the foundations for consolidating the professional management system that best integrates with the tourism value chain. Tourist housing management companies provide an obvious tourist accommodation service, which when doing so in its own name, with an organization of material and personal means, also being the owners of the activity of the homes they market, entails fiscal, civil and administrative responsibilities, very specific and very easy now required in Andalusia, relating compliance with the requirements applicable to tourist homes, which are subject to registration in the registries of the CCAA, with the owner thereof. About FEVITUR FEVITUR represents more than 185,000 apartments and residential homes. tourism distributed throughout the Spanish territory, which represents an economic impact of more than 9,000 million euros annually and an employment generation of 15,600 direct jobs and 36,000 more indirect jobs.

Contact Contact name: Miguel Angel Sotillos Contact description: President FEVITURT Contact phone: 619 10 93 22