STATEMENT: Hiconics presents integrated residential energy solutions in Europe

KORTRIJK, Belgium, Oct.

STATEMENT: Hiconics presents integrated residential energy solutions in Europe

KORTRIJK, Belgium, Oct. 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Hiconics Eco-Energy Drive Technology ("Hiconics", SHE300048), a green energy brand of Midea Industrial Technology, introduces its HiEnergy Series residential energy storage system at the Kortrijk Solar Solutions Exhibition in Belgium, which took place from October 25 to 26, 2023. Operating under the motto "Revealing the beauty of HiEnergy", the HiEnergy series is set to redefine the standards in energy storage solutions for the home.

Unlike other brands that focus on single product offerings, Hiconics introduced a comprehensive portfolio including its HiEnergy, MINERGY and WISDOM series. The HiEnergy and MINERGY series, in particular, offer single-phase and three-phase solutions, designed to meet various domestic energy storage needs across Europe. These cutting-edge systems allow homeowners to achieve electrical independence by providing multiple work modes that meet a wide range of energy requirements.

Safety, comfort and intelligence are fundamental principles of the Hiconics design philosophy. The HiEnergy series incorporates aerosol explosion-proof technology, a built-in temperature control system and an IP65 rating, ensuring sufficient waterproofing and dust protection for outdoor installations. To further increase its appeal, the series is pre-wired, minimizing the risks associated with conventional wiring and can often be installed in as little as 30 minutes due to its modular design.

Among the innovations on display, the company is especially proud of the WISDOM series, designed primarily for low-temperature areas that require greater protection. This three-phase residential energy storage solution, covering a wide range of up to 69 kWh, aims to maximize homeowners' energy independence, making it a vital part of Midea Hiconics' comprehensive offering.

Complementing these features is an advanced energy management system powered by artificial intelligence. As consumers increasingly seek more sustainable and convenient lifestyles, Hiconics' new HiEnergy and WISDOM series come equipped with an energy management app. Using AI algorithms, the app offers real-time multi-dimensional analysis of various environmental, load and energy factors, enabling dynamic customization of home energy strategies based on the user's individual goals.

Founded in 2003 and listed on the stock exchange in 2010, Hiconics joined the Midea Group in 2020. As a key player in the Midea Group's green energy efforts, the company has a comprehensive portfolio spanning residential energy storage, VFDs and distributed photovoltaic power plants. . The Midea Group itself, with 55 years of development, has evolved into a global technology conglomerate specialized in smart home appliances, industrial technology, construction technology, robotics and automation. In 2023, Midea Group was ranked 278th on Fortune Global 500 and 36th on Brand Finance's Global Tech 100 list.

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About Hiconics

Hiconics, founded in 2003, was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange under the name "Hiconics" (SHE300048). That same year he officially joined the Midea Group. Currently, as a leading entity in the green energy sector of its parent group, Hiconics has a broad presence in the domestic, industrial and commercial sectors, with operations spanning residential energy storage, VFD and distributed photovoltaic plants.

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