STATEMENT: 'I want to be a mother': Book by fertility expert Gina Oller

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STATEMENT: 'I want to be a mother': Book by fertility expert Gina Oller

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Gina Oller, embryologist and psychologist, presents her book 'I Want to Be a Mom', a rigorous and comprehensive guide for all women and couples in the search for pregnancy. Through her knowledge and her own experience, she unravels the reality about fertility, infertility, and the different paths to motherhood. Illustrated by Lyona Ivanova (Marta Puig), the book stands out for its friendly and informative approach, offering emotional support and professional guidance every step of the way.

Spain, April 17, 2024.- The book 'I want to be a mother', published in January 2024 by Gina Oller, offers future mothers all the information and tools necessary to make informed decisions about their fertility and live the path to pregnancy safely and confidently. Oller, an embryologist and psychologist specialized in advice and emotional support during the search and progress of pregnancy, highlights the importance of both a biological and psychological approach in this journey. 'I want to be a mother' addresses complex topics such as infertility and sterility, female and male fertility, to everyday factors such as diet, body weight, supplementation, physical exercise and rest that can influence fertility. The book also provides rigorous information on the circumstances that can lead to assisted reproduction, with details on medication, economic costs, waiting time and new family models on the rise. In addition, Gina highlights the importance of emotional well-being during the search for pregnancy, providing guidelines to take care of mental health and know the impact of emotions and the relationship during this process. This comprehensive approach to motherhood contributes to the valuable contribution of the book, since it goes beyond the merely biological to address the emotional and psychological challenges that a woman can face on this path. On the other hand, in addition to her role as a professional, Gina Oller also stands out for his personal side, sharing on his pages his own experience and those of other people who have consulted him. This combination of the professional and the personal gives the book a unique and differentiating approach that allows the reader to feel understood and supported. The author is a recognized expert in the field and currently directs the Gina Oller Center for Fertility and Reproduction. His training includes a Master's degree in Molecular Biology and Biomedicine from the University of Girona, specialization in Assisted Human Reproduction from the Institut Universitari Dexeus and a degree in Psychology from the Open University of Catalonia. The book received positive comments praising its usefulness, clarity and understandable tone. Many readers have highlighted that 'I want to be a mother' brings vital information to women who want to be mothers, either naturally or through assisted reproduction, and recommend its reading to all women considering motherhood.

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