STATEMENT: Igluvan celebrates its 40th anniversary by betting on innovation

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: Igluvan celebrates its 40th anniversary by betting on innovation

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Córdoba, December 19, 2023.

The company from Córdoba, a benchmark in the transformation of isothermal vehicles, began its journey as a pioneer in its sector and thanks to the support of large manufacturers.

Since 1983, when they first opened their doors, Igluvan has always tried to anticipate the continuous changes that this sector has been experiencing. This evolution and adaptation over time has been possible thanks to the support of large vehicle manufacturers. Brands such as Renault or Ford have gone hand in hand with this company and thanks to direct and personal treatment like the one Igluvan has had with them, "everything is much easier," acknowledges its manager, María del Carmen González. And working alongside these large producers, "references in the transport sector" guarantees being at the forefront of innovation and development of new forms of manufacturing and work. In these years of experience the evolution they have experienced has been marked. In this sense, her manager points out that in those first steps "everything was much more artisanal", from the materials to the procedure or the control of the transformation, "it was all very basic" she says. However, today, at Igluvan they have some of the most cutting-edge robotization systems in their sector that allows them to produce a product "with qualities and demands in line with the customers we deal with." For all this, González speaks of a progressive and continuous adaptation over time, "in which we have not rushed, but neither have we stopped." Pioneers in industrial transformation of vehicles Four decades of history leave many special moments in memory, although María del Carmen González, as the person with the most experience at Igluvan, highlights among all those memories one of which she feels especially proud and that is, as she states, "that we were the first company to transform a Renault into isothermal, when it was still It was not regulated by Spanish legislation nor did the vehicle manufacturers even have a department of adapted vehicles like all of them have now. You could say that it all started with us," he says. But without a doubt, if something is notable for this company They are the people behind it, all the human factor that maintains the essence of Igluvan with which it emerged in 1983. "There are not many left of that group of brave people who began the journey at that time, but the enthusiasm, the way of working, Knowledge, all of it, has been passed from one to another until today. "We are like a big family," adds its manager. And although it is difficult to stay in a sector where competition and clientele are increasingly demanding and where the regulatory framework is constantly being reformed to adapt to the current times, María del Carmen González He is clear about the question of where he sees himself in another 40 years: "We hope to be, at least, in the same place we are now, from there on up." The spirit of this company from Córdoba can be understood knowing that On one occasion the industrial warehouses in which they operated were destroyed due to a fire. In this situation, they had to re-emerge from scratch. "We achieved this thanks to the trust and loyalty of our clients who bet on us when we had nothing "recalls its manager. For Igluvan, on this 40th anniversary, the best prize and reward for the work done is the recognition it receives from manufacturers such as Renault, Ford, Mercedes or Volkswagen. Those who extended their hand to them in 1983 and who still hold it today.

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