STATEMENT: International chefs travel to Spain to learn about the unique production process of Iberian Ham

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: International chefs travel to Spain to learn about the unique production process of Iberian Ham

(Information sent by the signatory company)

A group of select Michelin star chefs from 5 different nationalities (France, Germany, Mexico, Spain and China) have been able to learn, with ASICI, the natural and artisanal process of making Iberian Ham, the unique ecosystem of the Dehesa and the lifestyle linked to a unique product

Madrid, March 8, 2024.- The importance of gastronomy not only lies in the fact that it is one of the most important physiological needs of man, it speaks about the culture of each of the peoples to which it belongs. Gastronomy, in addition to providing delicious flavors and unique dishes, can speak indirectly about customs and lifestyles. In this sense, Iberian Ham becomes part of that way of life linked to people for whom the product is much more than food, it is quality, sustainability, flavor, enjoyment and, above all, it is art.When Ham Iberian is combined with gastronomy, the result is a sensory journey that begins at the origin of this precious product and in the landscape where it is made. To this end, the Iberian Pig Interprofessional has carried out, through its campaign "Iberian Hams from Spain, Ambassadors of Europe in the World", promoted together with the EU, an exclusive gastronomic experience focused on the dissemination of knowledge about Iberian Ham. Specifically, 4 days in which a select group of chefs from France, Germany, Mexico and China, as well as Spain, accompanied by the media from said countries; They have been able to immerse themselves in the Iberian culture and delve into the origins of this precious product: Mario Sandoval (2 Michelin stars), as representative of Spain; Amandine Chaignot (chef of the prestigious Pouliche restaurant in Paris), from France; Christian Sturm-WIllms ​​(1 Michelin star), from Germany; Carlos Gaytán (first Mexican chef to obtain a Michelin star), from Mexico; and Irven Ni (Chef of Le Meurice, three Michelin stars), from China; have been the main protagonists of this immersive trip that began in Madrid, in a welcome event that was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, together with the president of ASICI, Raúl García, representatives of the Iberian sector and media. In this way, four incredible days began in which Iberian Ham became the backbone of the journey. From Córdoba, passing through the Pedroches valley, to Seville, where, as a final culmination, a competition in the purest "Master Chef" style was held that proposed a very special challenge to the 18 participating chefs: give free rein to your imagination to create the most original and most delicious recipe, using Iberian Ham as one of its main ingredients. Issuer: ASICI

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