STATEMENT: Litheli participates in the Intersolar and SPOGA GAFA exhibitions

- Litheli's innovative IPS model, energy solutions and electric vehicles shine at Intersolar and SPOGA GAFA exhibitions.

STATEMENT: Litheli participates in the Intersolar and SPOGA GAFA exhibitions

- Litheli's innovative IPS model, energy solutions and electric vehicles shine at Intersolar and SPOGA GAFA exhibitions

COLOGNE, Germany, June 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Litheli, a young pioneer in innovative power and tool solutions, proudly announces its successful participation in two influential industry exhibitions in Germany, Intersolar and SPOGA GAFA. As an innovation-driven brand, Litheli wowed audiences with its revolutionary INFINITY POWER SHARE (IPS) model and cutting-edge products, redefining how energy is generated, stored, exchanged, and used in various life scenarios.

"We are delighted to showcase our innovative product range at Intersolar and SPOGA GAFA," said Jonas Orbke, Managing Director of Litheli Europe. "Litheli is committed to empowering people with an integrated solution for energy generation, storage, exchange and use. Our ecosystem based on a modular system of power supply, tools and appliances represents a new era of performance, comfort and sustainability.

Intersolar Europe is the world's leading exhibition for the solar industry, held as part of The smarter E Europe, the continent's largest platform for the energy industry. SPOGA GAFA, on the other hand, is known as the world's largest gardening trade fair, bringing together gardening enthusiasts and major players in the global green industry, showcasing fresh ideas, innovations and trends from around the world, covering various aspects of the gardening sector. Litheli's presence at these prestigious shows highlights the brand's commitment to innovation and its position at the forefront of the new power and tool industries.

At the heart of Litheli's participation in the Intersolar and SPOGA GAFA exhibitions is its brightest innovation, the unique INFINITY POWER SHARE (IPS) model. Revolutionizing the way energy is used, offering flexible, stand-alone power solutions for various life scenarios, this model serves as the foundation for Litheli's range of cordless tools, including the U4, U20 and U56 platforms. Designed for a new generation seeking compatibility, simplicity, versatility and high value, these tools exemplify Litheli's commitment to innovation.

More highlights include Litheli's two highly anticipated new products, the Eclair1000 portable power station and the eWagon W1 Pro electric vehicle. Based on the innovative IPS model, with a large capacity of 921Wh and the modular use of two detachable batteries At 74 Wh, the Eclair1000's power could be shared while enjoying outdoor activities, even during power outages. The Eclair1000's blazing fast 55-minute charge time, compatibility with solar charging, and smart app control lead to greater efficiency and a smarter energy experience. The eWagon W1 Pro, the world's first battery powered utility wagon, is redefining the camping vehicle industry. With a capacity of up to 200L and a remarkable load capacity, the eWagon W1 Pro offers ample storage space and impressive load capacity for various scenarios, such as camping, outdoor adventures or transporting heavy equipment. The Eclair1000 will soon be available for purchase in countries including the United States, China, Japan, the United Kingdom, and Germany, and the eWagon W1 Pro will soon be available and launched through crowdfunding projects in North America and Europe.

Litheli's presence at Intersolar and SPOGA GAFA marks an exciting milestone in its quest for pioneering energy and sustainability solutions in Europe. With a focus on exceptional products such as the Eclair1000 and the innovative eWagon W1 Pro, Litheli is captivating audiences and firmly establishing itself as a leader in the dynamic field of power and tools.

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About Litheli:

Founded in 2017, after 3 years of product planning, RD and patent innovation, Litheli officially went into operation in 2020, and now has expanded its teams in 4 cities in China as well as 3 overseas locations. With the mission of improving the efficiency of using new energy and promoting the revolution of new energy scenarios, Litheli has won praise for its innovative technology and epoch-making product design. Through the unique INFINITY POWER SHARE (IPS) model and a range of cross-scenario battery powered tools, Litheli continues to revolutionize the power industry and meet the changing needs of consumers around the world.

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