STATEMENT: NEORIS receives the Gold Award at the II Aebrand Awards for its WE ARE NEOS campaign

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: NEORIS receives the Gold Award at the II Aebrand Awards for its WE ARE NEOS campaign

(Information sent by the signatory company)

The success of the campaign positions the company as a pioneer in the combination of Artificial Intelligence and human talent, boosting productivity and brand recognition

Madrid, February 12, 2024.- NEORIS, a global digital accelerator with more than 20 years of experience in the digital transformation of large companies, has been recognized at the II AEBRAND Awards with its revolutionary WE ARE NEOS initiative, the first global communication developed entirely with Artificial Intelligence, and with which the company created personalized, real and futuristic avatars of its talents in order to turn them into brand ambassadors, reflecting the values ​​and personality of the company. The campaign reinforced the company's attraction and loyalty plan through the design of a comprehensive communication strategy and Employer Brand, which reflects its corporate identity and what it means to be a NEO – the name with which talents are identified. The campaign has been recognized with the prestigious Golden Award in the internal brand category of the II AEBRAND Awards, at a presentation gala held yesterday at the Rafael del Pino Auditorium in Madrid and in which Tania González, head of Marketing and NEORIS Communication in Europe, collected the award on behalf of the entire company. This recognition underscores the company's commitment to innovation, the adoption of AI and the implementation of transformative communication strategies. The campaign's success in fostering talent engagement, increasing productivity and brand recognition positions NEORIS as a leader in the dynamic AI-powered communication landscape. "The WE ARE NEOS campaign is a testament to our vision and ability to lead change in business communication. We are delighted to receive this recognition that validates our disruptive and innovative approach by combining Artificial Intelligence with human talent. In addition, we are proud to share that this campaign has received eight other international awards, reinforcing our position as early-adopters in the fusion of AI and human creativity. This award is a significant milestone in our journey towards excellence in the adoption of advanced technologies and encourages us to continue on the path of innovation," says Jorge Lukowski, global director of Marketing and Communication at NEORIS. NEORIS identified a strategic opportunity in the potential of generative Artificial Intelligence and led its adoption in this campaign, positioning itself as an early-adopter. To achieve this, the company used various technological tools, generating creative proposals aligned with sector trends and highlighting the identity of the NEORIS community. This initiative not only sought to add more than 2,000 professionals to the company by 2023, but also to achieve loyalty of more than 80% of talents and be pioneers in the design of a communication campaign based 100% on AI. The result reaffirms the success of the campaign. The production of pieces increased by more than 75%, far exceeding the expectations of other similar campaigns. Furthermore, in just 72 hours, the campaign generated more than 1 million views, and by the end of the first quarter, this number rose to 3.5 million. In Spain, the reception of quality resumes increased by 200%, while the rates of attracting talent and feeling of belonging skyrocketed by 300%. The impact on social networks was also notable: from a weekly average of 400 mentions, the company began to receive more than 1,500 mentions after the launch of the campaign. These results confirm the success of the strategy implemented by NEORIS, demonstrating the power of innovation and creativity in the business field. WE ARE NEOS, recognized internationally In addition to being awarded the Gold Prize at the II AEBRAND Awards, WE ARE NEOS has received several recognitions at the EIKON Awards. Last year, in Argentina, the campaign won four awards, including three Gold statuettes and a Blue award, in the international categories of Internal Communication and Corporate Identity Communication. Demonstrating its impact in multiple geographies, WE ARE NEOS was also recognized in the Chilean version of the EIKON, taking home the Silver award in Corporate Identity Communication and the Gold award in Internal Communication. Each of these awards underlines the international projection of the campaign and its exceptional contribution to innovation in business communication. Issuer: NEORIS

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