STATEMENT: NETA Auto 2024 Strategic Partner Conference

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: NETA Auto 2024 Strategic Partner Conference

(Information sent by the signatory company)

- NETA Auto 2024 strategic partner conference, a successful global collaboration for future development

SHANGHAI, January 19, 2024/PRNewswire/ -- As the new year progressed, the grand and momentous NETA Auto 2024 Strategic Partner Conference was successfully held. This conference, which marks a crucial milestone in the journey of an decade of NETA Auto, has charted the course for the company's global future, laying the foundation for deep collaboration with suppliers and distributors around the world.

Taking advantage of this event, NETA Auto conducted a comprehensive review of its strong past operating performance and delved into future trends within the automotive industry. At the same time, the company unveiled its latest corporate development strategy, actively calling on global partners to collectively explore the company's future development direction and embark on a new era of transformation.

In 2024, NETA Auto will continue its expansion in the global market with an overseas sales target of 100,000 vehicles. In terms of international product offering, the company plans to establish six major product sales matrices, accelerate product certification, and offer enhanced configurations and intelligent capabilities. In the area of ​​operational management, NETA Auto will strengthen process management, improve efficiency and gradually transition from international trade to international marketing. Guided by the innovative transformation of "Technological NETA, Global NETA and Green NETA", the company aims to accelerate its shift towards a global high-tech enterprise through technological innovation and high-quality intelligent electric vehicles.

The NETA Auto Strategic Partner Conference focused on gratitude toward partners, fostering a theme of shared memory. Looking ahead to 2023, NETA, together with its global partners, delivered exceptional performance amid fiercely competitive market conditions. In just 10 months, NETA Auto achieved cumulative sales exceeding 10,000 units in the Thai market. The official start of operations at the Thai Eco-Smart factory at the end of the previous year marked a significant triumph for NETA Auto in foreign markets. In collaboration with Indonesian partners, NETA Auto plans to start production of new vehicles in Indonesia. In 2023, NETA Auto's cumulative overseas sales exceeded 20,000 units, reflecting an outstanding year-on-year growth of 567%. To date, NETA Auto has delivered almost 400,000 vehicles worldwide.

Over the past year, NETA Auto's global brand momentum has continuously increased, setting design trends, rapidly expanding in overseas markets, and flourishing in the field of new energy intelligent connected vehicles. These achievements are a testament to the concerted efforts and dedication of each partner, including global suppliers and distributors.

A host of international partners present at the conference expressed their appreciation for NETA Auto's resilient global strides, articulating hopeful anticipation for the times ahead.

NETA Auto is dedicated to innovation as a driving force, persistently raising the benchmarks of both products and services. The company remains steadfast in its collaboration with global partners, with the goal of collectively forging a promising future within the automotive industry.

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