STATEMENT: PMK Group: end to emergency triangles, geolocated beacons will be mandatory in 2026

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: PMK Group: end to emergency triangles, geolocated beacons will be mandatory in 2026

(Information sent by the signatory company)

To improve road safety, the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) has made the use of new GPS beacons mandatory starting in January 2026, replacing emergency triangles. These beacons are advanced in signaling and connectivity, improving response to incidents and preventing accidents

Spain, January 2, 2024.- Although the traditional triangle is no longer mandatory on highways and highways, as of January 1, 2026, the geolocated V16 emergency light will permanently replace it on all roads. This regulatory change responds to the alarming accident rates of injured or deceased pedestrians. The placement of triangles on highways and highways implies an unnecessary risk, since pedestrians must walk up to 100 meters in dangerous conditions. Furthermore, adverse weather conditions compromise its effectiveness. The V-16 beacon with GPS is presented with the purpose of minimizing risks and, thus, improving road safety, since unlike the triangle it is placed with its magnetic base without having to lower it. of the vehicle. This device emits an emergency light visible from any angle up to a kilometer away, even in conditions of low visibility and enduring extreme weather conditions. But the feature that distinguishes it is its connection with DGT 3.0 to send a geolocated SOS notice without having to leave the vehicle. This allows the DGT to alert other road users about the exact location of an accident or breakdown, contributing to the reduction of secondary accidents. Thus, drivers receive information about the incident in real time, in mobility applications, browsers and variable message panels on roads. Parallel to this new regulation, notable devices emerge such as the geolocated PMK Group V16 emergency light. This beacon, approved by the DGT, offers free connectivity until 2038, through the built-in SIM with access to Telefónica Tech's V16-IoT network. PMK Grupo stands out as the best-selling brand of the moment, guaranteeing validity and compliance with regulations. It is crucial to keep in mind that not all connected V16 models are valid, only those mentioned on the DGT page comply with the certification standards required according to Royal Decree 1030/2022, which regulates emergency services. on public roads. Although currently connected and offline models can coexist, acquiring a connected device from the first moment has several advantages. Among them not having to make a double investment, since the geolocated V16 will be the only legal danger signaling element from January 1, 2026. The DGT's 2030 Road Safety Strategy aims to reduce deaths and injuries serious cases in circulation by 50%, aligning with the guidelines of both the UN and the European Commission. Therefore, these types of innovations present a milestone in road safety, seeking to generate safer traffic and less prone to accidents. Issuer: PMK Group

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