STATEMENT: 'Reasonable Doubt: story of two kidnappings', lawyer Andrés Andrade Téllez and the fight for freedom

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STATEMENT: 'Reasonable Doubt: story of two kidnappings', lawyer Andrés Andrade Téllez and the fight for freedom

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Madrid, December 21, 2023.

In the Netflix documentary, lawyer Andrés Andrade Téllez plays a crucial role in the four men's fight for freedom. Andrade Téllez is a human rights lawyer who specializes in criminal injustice cases.

The documentary series Reasonable Doubt: A Story of Two Kidnappings, directed by Roberto Hernández and produced by Layda Negrete, "is a raw and stark portrait of the failures of the Mexican criminal justice system that documents the work of lawyer Andres Andrade Tellez in the fight for the freedom of four unjustly imprisoned men and the suffering of their families. Through four episodes, the documentary tells the story of four men, Héctor Muñoz, Gonzalo García, Darwin Morales and Juan Luis López, who were accused of kidnapping in 2015 and sentenced to 50 years in prison. The documentary begins with the car accident which started the whole case. Héctor Muñoz and Gonzalo García were in a vehicle when they collided with that of a woman, identified as GLP. After the accident, GLP accused the two men of trying to kidnap her. "The four men were arrested and subjected to a judicial process riddled with irregularities. The police forced them to sign false statements, false witnesses were presented and evidence was manipulated. As As a result, the four men were sentenced to 50 years in prison."Andrade Téllez began investigating the case and discovered numerous irregularities. He met with the four men, their families and witnesses, and collected evidence proving his innocence. As a result of his investigation, the Master in Accusatory Criminal Procedural Law from the Autonomous University of Guadalajara, Andrade Téllez managed to have the case reviewed by the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN). In December 2022, the SCJN granted a simple protection for the four men, which freed them from prison immediately. The SCJN ruling was a triumph for justice, but it was also a condemnation of the Mexican criminal justice system."The participation of lawyer Andrés Andrade Téllez in the case of the four men is an example of the importance of the defense of rights human rights in Mexico. Andrade Téllez showed that, despite adversity, it is possible to fight against injustice and achieve freedom for innocent people."Andrés Andrade Téllez's contributions to the documentary Andrés Andrade Téllez is a key figure in the documentary Duda Reasonable: story of two kidnappings. His participation in the case of the four men is a testimony of his commitment to justice and human rights. In the documentary, Andrade Téllez contributes his experience and knowledge as a defense lawyer. He explains the irregularities that were committed in the judicial process against the four men and how he managed to prove their innocence. Andrade Téllez also offers his personal perspective on the case. In the documentary, he talks about the importance of fighting injustice, even when it seems impossible. Andrés Andrade Téllez's participation in the documentary is a valuable contribution. His testimony helps to understand the failures of the Mexican criminal justice system and the importance of defending human rights.

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