STATEMENT: Samplia X in Plaza Callao: where curiosity meets the unexpected and free of charge

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: Samplia X in Plaza Callao: where curiosity meets the unexpected and free of charge

(Information sent by the signatory company)

The fury of free captivates in times of savings like the January and February costs, for some, worse. In this context, Samplia Object of curiosity for the media, such as Antena 3, who has included Samplia in the program 'Espejo Público', in an excellent report on the power of free in current urban culture

Madrid, February 5, 2024.- In the heart of Madrid, in the always lively Plaza del Callao, a unique phenomenon awakens the curiosity of pedestrians and wanderers. It's a Friday afternoon and a long line of people extends from Samplia X, a place that has become synonymous with surprise and discovery. Here, the promise of something free draws a diverse crowd, united by the thrill of the unknown. "What are you giving away today?" they ask each other. The answer is part of the magic of Samplia: often, not even the participants know what they will find at the end of the queue. But the expectation is part of the experience. From lollipops to sports nutrition products, the variety is vast and always surprising. Behind this initiative is Robert Bonada, the creator of "Samplia", an application that has revolutionized promotional marketing with more than two million subscribers. "People love free, and here it is offered with every product," explains Robert. Samplia's strategy goes beyond simply giving away products; it's about connecting consumers with brands in a way that generates excitement and conversion. At Samplia X, every day is a different adventure. "Free always tastes better," says one of the employees, reflecting the company's philosophy. And at Samplia, each free product not only delights, but also opens doors to new experiences and preferences. Discover more about the surprises that Samplia -----------------------------Samplia is a leading company in the field of promotional marketing with expertise in the intelligent distribution of samples through of its Samplia app, which already has a community of more than 1.7 million consumers willing to try, evaluate and give their opinion on its clients' products. Thanks to its innovative platform and its wide user base, it has positioned itself as the number one company in the Smart Sampling sector. The Spanish company has a presence in several countries in Europe and America. Among the services it offers to brands include the Samplia Machines (which were the first sampling machines in the world), the exclusive Samplia Experience premises to create pop-up stores in premium locations and 360 Brand Experiences, the gondola headers! SampliaGO! in checkout lines of the best Carrefour, Micro and Macro Events, Sampling specialized in retailers or Roadshows. The objective of all Samplia campaigns is always to carry out measured and digitized samplings, achieve more than 12 million visual impacts per month, obtain feedback from 85% of testers and present them in quantitative market studies and significantly increase sales and repurchases. of the promoted products. Find out more about Samplia at Issuer: Samplia

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