STATEMENT: Sevilla FC and Social Energy: 'the alliance that illuminates the horizon of Women's Football'

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: Sevilla FC and Social Energy: 'the alliance that illuminates the horizon of Women's Football'

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Sevilla FC Femenino and Social Energy® have sealed a revolutionary agreement that promises to set a new standard in the world of women's football. Sevilla FC and Social Energy® are proud of the agreement by which the leading energy company will become main sponsor of the women's first team for the next three seasons

Seville, April 4, 2024.- This historic agreement not only implies that the Social Energy® logo will be present on the team's shirts during the matches of the Women's Professional Soccer League (League F) and the Queen's Cup, but also establishes a strategic collaboration with the club on sustainability and social responsibility initiatives. The president of Sevilla Fútbol Club, José María del Nido Carrasco, expressed his enthusiasm for Social Energy®'s commitment to the women's team: "this agreement goes far beyond the sponsorship of our first women's team. It represents a great opportunity for the club for the alliance we generated with a leading company in the energy sector. We are delighted to partner with a leading company in the field of sustainable energy and we hope to work together to promote awareness about the importance of sustainability and care for the environment. Furthermore, the message of support for Women's Football that Social Energy and Sevilla send with this agreement is resounding." Social Energy® CEO, Juan Luis Cabeza, shared his enthusiasm for this partnership: "we are delighted to join forces with Sevilla Fútbol Club Féminas on this exciting journey towards a more sustainable future. Our company is committed to promoting energy clean and renewable, and what better way to spread this message than through the powerful world of sport, particularly women's football, which is increasingly gaining prominence on the world stage. Together, we are creating a precedent for collaboration between sport and sustainability, demonstrating that it is possible to make a difference in the community and the environment. About Sevilla FC Sevilla FC is one of the most important clubs in Spain and Europe. It celebrated its 134th anniversary this January, and in its long life the club has masterfully combined history and modernity. Furthermore, in the 21st century it has experienced a sporting explosion. After an initial few years filled with regional and national glory, over the last 18 years Sevilla FC has achieved significant international success, winning 8 European titles, including seven UEFA Europa Leagues and a UEFA Super Cup. In addition, the club has become a regular participant in the UEFA Champions League. Beyond its sporting achievements, Sevilla FC is a benchmark and a pioneer in the use of sustainability, and is working on an internationalization process to continue growing around the world.About Social Energy® Social Energy® is a company dedicated to offer sustainable energy solutions, committed to transforming the way the world consumes and uses energy. With a vision to lead the transition towards a society powered by clean and sustainable energy, Social Energy® strives to provide innovative and accessible solutions that contribute to a more environmentally friendly future. The company is based on values ​​of sustainability, innovation and social responsibility, seeking to have a positive impact on both the community and the planet. "The Solar Revolution is Social Energy®". Issuer: Social Energy®

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