STATEMENT: Sistelec will provide the Digital Communications Network for security and emergencies in Andalusia


STATEMENT: Sistelec will provide the Digital Communications Network for security and emergencies in Andalusia

Spain. April 14, 2023.

The Digital Network of Mobile Radiocommunications will provide service to the Security, Emergencies and Emergencies Forces of the Junta de Andalucía

We are talking about an unprecedented project in Europe in terms of DMR radio networks, a milestone both for the size of the network and for the integration of different types of mission users or critical infrastructure under the same operational network. The project has been awarded to UT Cellnex – Axion. The objective is to have a private, highly available emergency communications network, in order to have unique efficiency in risk situations that require quick communications and decisions from different work groups, as well as agile coordination that allows for a rapid response. extremely fast when faced with compromising situations for the population. The supplied system, which will serve the troops of INFOCA (Forest Fire Fighting Corps of the Autonomous Community of Andalusia), 112 Emergencies, GREA (Emergency Groups of Andalusia), Cetursa and Hidrosur network of Andalusia, will enable communication between people, police vehicles, fire trucks, ambulances and group communications through a digital private radio network (DMR) that allows dynamic optimization of communication resources. All this in a centralized way, being able to monitor and manage from one or several control posts. Communication technologies are invaluable when it comes to protecting the population or saving lives. Thus, any communications network must have secure, reliable, fast technology that fully and fully follows the standards set by European regulations. For example, the possible integration and evolution to third-party technologies such as 5G, MCX, which guarantees that the network can always be adapted to new technological advances. For this purpose, S istelec, the company responsible for providing Engineering and Support Services in The project has relied on the technology of Tait Communications, a New Zealand manufacturer, specialist and undisputed leader worldwide for private network communications and integrated unified communications with LTE/5G. Sistelec is the exclusive distributor and representative of Tait in Spain and Portugal and has been developing the business in these countries with innumerable success stories for the last 10 years. According to Iker Murillo, CEO of Sistelec, "Achieving a Project of these characteristics makes you reflect on the fundamental role that technology plays in people's lives and the responsibility we have, as experts in the field, to be able to contribute our help to emergency bodies and critical infrastructure workers in such a complex and necessary task.In this sense, Sistelec has always relied on the leaders of the sector to undertake its Projects, as is the case of Tait, and it is one more step to consolidate our commitment by the critical communications market in Spain and Portugal ".

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