STATEMENT: Stellae 5.0 responds to the challenges of the digital transition of Heritage and Culture

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STATEMENT: Stellae 5.0 responds to the challenges of the digital transition of Heritage and Culture

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Santiago de Compostela, January 26

The Stellae 5.0 Program, promoted by the Confederation of Rectors of Southwestern European Universities (CRUSOE) together with the Autonomous and Regional Administrations of the Euroregion, faces the challenges derived from the digital transition of Heritage and Culture, in Southwestern Europe and the SOE Euroregion

Its objective is to respond to the great challenges and opportunities of a process that involves not only the digitalization and preservation of heritage assets, but also the creation of new products and services that generate added value and contribute to the sustainable development of sectors such as tourism, audiovisual, culture and video games. To successfully face this challenge, Stellae 5.0 stands as an innovative and comprehensive proposal that covers all the dimensions and actors involved in the digital transition of Heritage. The southwestern Euroregion has a rich and diverse cultural and historical heritage that constitutes a sign of identity and a strategic resource. This heritage must not only be protected and disseminated, but must also be used as a source of innovation and competitiveness in a globalized context. The digital transition applied to Heritage offers a unique opportunity to create new industrial and service areas that have an impact on traditional sectors such as sustainable and cultural tourism and the production of content for the entertainment and audiovisual sector (among others). These sectors will demand new capabilities and their own talent, which will be a stimulus for training, employment and population retention in a highly aged space, with a dwindling population. Consequently, Cultural Heritage is a source of wealth and knowledge for society, but it incorporates a challenge for its conservation and dissemination in the digital age. Thus, CRUSOE has promoted the Stellae 5.0 Program, a pioneering initiative that seeks to guarantee the sovereignty and sustainability of digital assets generated from Heritage, as well as enhance their economic and social value. A program with 5 strategic axes The Stellae 5.0 Program It is based on five axes that comprehensively and innovatively address plausible and realistic solutions to the current and future challenges of the digitalization of Heritage. That is, the Digitization of Heritage; access to European ICT infrastructure linked to cloud computing and storage; the formation of talent and human capital; and, finally, the promotion and promotion of business entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship in order to create a favorable ecosystem for competitiveness and cooperation between different economic agents. The Stellae 5.0 Program is an ambitious, viable and validated proposal, among others, with collaboration in different international projects such as the Pilot Action of the European Commission focused on Smart, Digital and Sustainable Tourism. Furthermore, it makes it easier for current and future investment in the digitalization of Heritage to have a clear return for society, in cultural and economic terms. The different initiatives and proposals of the Program are coordinated by the Interinstitutional Chair in Digital Cultural Heritage.

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