STATEMENT: Strava publishes the trends report of the year in sports

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: Strava publishes the trends report of the year in sports

(Information sent by the signatory company)

- Strava publishes the trend report of the year in sports, showing what creates and breaks motivation between generations

The report shows that Generation Z remains motivated by performance and aesthetics, but continues to crave community as they enter the workforce.

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 3, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Strava, the leading digital community for active people with more than 120 million athletes, today announced the launch of Year In Sport: The Trend Report, highlighting global trends among active people of all generations. It's no surprise that Gen Z's behaviors and habits vary from other generations, but they also have different motivators, barriers, and interests when it comes to staying active.

As part of the long-awaited report, Strava conducted a global survey of 6,990 active people drawn from both Strava's global community of more than 120 million athletes and a random sample of active people both on and off the Strava platform. The findings, along with Strava activity data in 2023, provide new and unique insights into the trends shaping the world of exercise and exploration and preview what we could expect to see this year.

Across generations, Strava athletes say their main reason for exercising with others is social connection. More than half of Strava athletes say they are more motivated by friends or family who exercise, and 77% of Gen Z athletes say they feel more connected to others when they see their friends or family's activities. relatives on Strava. At the bottom of the list of motivators? Celebrities and influencers, even for Generation Z and Millennials.

Generation Z is also the most sociable, being 29% more likely than Millennials to exercise with another person at least some of the time. This may be due in part to healthy competition, as Generation Z is 31% less likely to exercise primarily for their health than their Millennial or X counterparts, but they are the most likely to exercise for athletic performance. .

When it comes to barriers to exercising and maintaining a consistent routine, more than two-thirds of athletes across all generations cited lack of time due to work demands as one of the top obstacles. Still, work demands didn't stop Gen Z from surpassing their fitness goals: 39% of Gen Z Strava athletes started a new job and 30% moved in 2023, but they were 32% older. more likely than other generations to say they were in better shape than last year.

"We know that Gen Z's behaviors reflect their values ​​and the influence of living in an increasingly digital world, which, for this group, means they ultimately focus on activism, community and connection "said Zipporah Allen, commercial director of Strava. "Over the past year, we have seen Gen Z as the main source of community growth through new clubs on Strava. They have also contributed to the rise of sports such as running, despite having the most barriers to staying This shows that exercise will be a core value for this generation, which is why they are already turning to Strava as a key platform to stay motivated and connected."

While connection rose to the top globally, there are other key motivators and barriers that have been identified among active people:

For the full report and the most popular places to walk, cycle and run around the world, see Year In Sport: The Trend Report at:

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