STATEMENT: Tempel Group and Advantech hold a training day committed to innovation and progress

Barcelona, ​​November 10.

STATEMENT: Tempel Group and Advantech hold a training day committed to innovation and progress

Barcelona, ​​November 10

This is Advantech Day 2023, an annual event between the two partners where they have focused on the continuous training of the technical and professional team.

Tempel Group, a leading distributor of industrial automation and communication solutions, and Advantech, a leading global provider of intelligent IoT systems and embedded platforms, are pleased to announce the success of their annual event, Advantech Day 2023, which took place last month. at the Tempel Group facilities in Barcelona. Advantech Day 2023 represents a joint initiative in which both companies renew their commitment to innovation and continuous progress, placing special emphasis on the constant training of their technical and commercial team. During the event, Advantech reaffirmed its determination to strengthen its presence in strategic areas such as intelligent transportation systems (ITS), cybersecurity, electric chargers (EV charging), robotics and medical devices. For its part, Tempel Group expressed its dedication to continuous improvement in delivering cutting-edge solutions to its clients. A fundamental objective shared by both companies is expansion into emerging markets, with a special focus on robotics. To successfully meet these challenges, Advantech will continue to collaborate closely with Tempel Group, prioritizing essential channels such as transportation, railways and green energy. During the day, integrated solutions were presented, such as single board computers and the MIO series, specially designed for the electric charger (EV charging), robotics, and medical markets. Trends in the evolution of the railway communication network were also highlighted, including railway artificial intelligence systems such as the ITA and ITA-560 series, along with EN50155 certification to ensure that electronic systems meet standards.In the scope of solutions focused on the industrial environment, substation solutions specially designed by Advantech were presented, such as the ECU-4784 (certified with IEC 61850-3 and IEEE 1613 regulations) and the EKI-9226G. In addition, new industrial switch solutions were unveiled, such as the EKI-7700, awarded the Taiwan Excellence award for its efficient firmware update and configuration restore capabilities, as well as other solutions such as IEC 62443-4-1 and IEC 62443-4-1 certifications. IEC 62443-4-2, as well as the EKI-8510G (time-sensitive network switch), the EKI-9500 series (ITXPT compatible, E-mark certification and EN 50155). Advantech Day 2023 offered all attendees the opportunity to participate in the technical and training session, as well as to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere that encouraged interaction and the exchange of ideas between participants.Tempel Group and Advantech have maintained a collaborative relationship for more than 25 years, and together They have created an e-commerce to serve the B2C market. This association's main objective is to "create a smarter planet and promote accessibility to information as an object of knowledge, offering IoT hardware and software solutions." More information about this e-commerce is available on the website: Advantech Founded in 1983, Advantech is a leader in providing innovative products, services and solutions, and offers comprehensive integration of systems, hardware , software, customer-centric design services, integrated systems, automation products and global logistics support. By cooperating closely with partners to help provide complete solutions for diverse applications across a wide range of industries, Advantech's mission is to enable a smart planet with automation and embedded computing products and solutions that empower work and life. smarter.About Tempel Group Tempel Group is a technology company that covers three business areas: energy, developing energy efficiency solutions; engineering, specialized in developing automation and industrial communication projects; consumption, with the commercialization of technological products in traditional retail for large stores and through e-commerce. The company has deep knowledge and experience in a wide variety of markets, including mining, industrial automation, transportation, retail, emergency services and defense, telecommunications, security, renewable energies and energy storage systems. Its value proposition focuses on audit services and the implementation of personalized projects for multiple and prominent vertical markets such as mining, factory automation, transportation, retail, services emergency and defense. For more information:

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