STATEMENT: Tempel Group will participate in the GENERA 2024 Fair, with its innovations in renewable energies

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: Tempel Group will participate in the GENERA 2024 Fair, with its innovations in renewable energies

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Tempel Group, recognized leader in the renewable energy and energy efficiency sector, is pleased to announce its participation in the next edition of the GENERA Fair, the reference event for industry professionals. This meeting will take place from February 6 to 8 at IFEMA, Madrid, where Tempel Group will exhibit its advanced portfolio of products and solutions

Madrid, February 2, 2024.- Celebrating more than 45 years of innovation and success stories, Tempel Group is presented at GENERA 2024 with a focus on the technological forefront and sustainability. The company will highlight its commitment to efficiency and sustainability energy through its notable range of products, which includes among others:•  Supply of Industrial Communications: Infrastructure solutions designed to maintain constant connectivity in industrial environments.•  Manufacturing, Installation and Assembly of Control Panels: Customized systems to improve the energy management and control.•  Weather Stations: High-precision devices for climate monitoring, essential in the management of renewable resources.•  String Box / Combiners: Essential elements that channel the solar energy captured by the panels to the inverters.• Cabinets and Monitors / Solar Monitoring Panels: Key equipment for the efficient supervision of photovoltaic installations.•  SCADA Racks: The cutting-edge technology for data capture and management in the plant. Innovation supported by quality and safety Tempel Group redefines excellence with its range of electrical panels, taking quality and safety to the next level in each design. Each product is the result of a meticulous engineering process that promises robustness and durability, capable of withstanding the most extreme weather conditions and guaranteeing a long life cycle. Safety is at the heart of their vision; Therefore, they ensure that each component rigorously complies with international electrical safety standards, thus offering peace of mind and protection in all operating environments. Adaptability and specialized advice In a market characterized by its diversity, Tempel Group stands out for its capacity to offer versatile and adaptive solutions. Its stringbox products are designed with the flexibility to fit a variety of solar plant configurations and sizes, allowing for tailored integration and effective scalability. In strategic alliance with MOXA, TEMPEL GROUP provides specialized advice and develops customized solutions that harmoniously synchronize with its clients' existing systems. This collaboration significantly improves connectivity, data acquisition and industrial communication, thereby driving efficiency and productivity.About Tempel Group Tempel Group is a company founded in Barcelona, ​​Spain, 45 years ago. It has developed its activity focusing on four business areas: Energy, Engineering, Consumer and Services. Likewise, it has achieved expansion over the years, allowing it to develop commercial activity in more than 22 countries and have its own headquarters in 18 cities around the world. The company's R&D focus and vision is located in the intelligent development of energy efficiency projects through a wide range of cutting-edge integrated solutions, which entail the transition of sustainability and the use of clean energy through the integration of traditional technologies with advanced energy management technologies and the Internet of Things (IoT). ) in all its areas. Issuer: Tempel Group

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