STATEMENT: The Andalusia: History and Civilization initiative concludes its artistic programming with 'Andalusian Nights'

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STATEMENT: The Andalusia: History and Civilization initiative concludes its artistic programming with 'Andalusian Nights'

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Abu Dhabi, January 11, 2024.

The event will take place on January 15 at the well-known Emirates Palace Auditorium in Abu Dhabi

The "Andalusia: History and Civilization" Committee has everything ready to organize the cultural show "Andalusian Nights: Guitar and Arabic Music" on January 15, at the well-known Emirates Palace Auditorium in Abu Dhabi. The "Andalusian Nights", which mark the conclusion of the initiative's artistic program, they promise to be a charming fusion of Spanish and Arabic musical traditions, and present a captivating evening in which Spanish and Arabic melodies harmonize to show the profound Arab influence on Spanish culture during the Andalusian era. Led by world-class guitarist Antonio Rae, along with creative oudist Sadiq Jaafar, the event will feature a large choral ensemble of traditional oriental guitarists and instrumentalists. Antonio Rae, a leading figure in the contemporary flamenco guitar scene, holds awards such as the " Latin Grammy", the first prize of the prestigious "Bourdon Guitar Competition" and the "Minas de la Unión de Murcia Award". Likewise, Sadiq Jaafar, a reference in modern Iraqi music, has graced numerous international festivals with his compositions that reflect the elegance of Arab art. His mastery of the oud highlights the uniqueness and originality of the oud school in the Arab world.S.E. Mohammed Al-Murr, President of the "Andalusia: History and Civilization" Initiative Committee, said: "We are pleased to announce the last act of the artistic program of the initiative, which commemorates the rich Andalusian heritage. This event, which is part of The "Andalusia: History and Civilization" initiative represents an important step forward in paying tribute to the enduring Andalusian artistic legacy and in promoting a higher level of intercultural exchange and dialogue. The various events framed in the art and music program offer a distinctive platform for cultural and artistic engagement, fostering synergy and providing a unique opportunity to build bridges of communication between diverse communities." For his part, Antonio Rae affirms that being able to perform in a region with a musical culture that he holds dearly esteem and playing alongside talented artists from the Arab world is a great achievement in his career. "It is a dream come true. It is not only a rewarding experience, but also a challenge and a great responsibility to introduce flamenco and flamenco guitar to this unique audience. I sincerely appreciate this opportunity." For his part, Sadiq Jafar claims to be delighted to participate in this event dedicated to commemorating the rich heritage of an ancient civilization that has left a lasting impact on various aspects of life, especially in the field of arts. "Participating in the 'Andalusian Nights: Guitar and Arabic Music' will allow us to share the point of view of the Andalusian heritage. This event will serve as a means to illustrate the profound influence of Arab culture on the artistic landscape of Spain. The art and music program included a diverse range of events such as art exhibitions, musical performances and workshops. These events highlighted the rich Andalusian heritage, contributing to cultural dialogue and deepening mutual understanding between diverse cultures. The "Andalusia: History and Civilization" initiative aims to draw attention to one of the great eras in history, highlighting the cultural, intellectual and artistic heritage of the Arab civilization in Andalusia, as well as its abundant progress and development in science, literature and philosophy. The initiative has an impressive lineup of artistic and cultural events that celebrate the unique Andalusian civilization, which serves as a notable example of coexistence and tolerance. This reflects the UAE's distinctive approach and its commitment to preserving the values ​​of tolerance, cooperation and coexistence.

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