STATEMENT: The legacy of Tamara Istambul and Cristina Porta, founders of the Autocines group, on Women's Day

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STATEMENT: The legacy of Tamara Istambul and Cristina Porta, founders of the Autocines group, on Women's Day

(Information sent by the signatory company)

March 8 is not just another day on the calendar, but a tribute to the courage, vision and triumph of women around the world. Among these inspiring figures are the entrepreneurs, Tamara Istambul and Cristina Porta, the visionaries behind the rebirth of Autocine Madrid Cesur FP, whose legacy shines not only on the big screen, but also in the history of female entrepreneurship.

Madrid, March 4, 2024.-

The Renaissance of the Drive-In Cinema: A Legacy of EmpowermentWith a fearless spirit and a passion for the shared experience, Tamara Istanbul and Cristina Porta resurrected the nostalgia of outdoor cinema and redefined the concept of entertainment, breaking barriers and challenging the conventions of the film industry During this last year, they have exceeded expectations and have consolidated their position as leaders in the industry, achieving an impressive turnover of 6 million euros, reflecting their commitment to excellence and innovation in every aspect of their business. Women at the forefront : the team behind the successBehind the curtain of this revolutionary success is a diverse and dynamic team, the majority of which are women. 73% of its positions of responsibility are occupied by women, while the remaining 27% are led by men. As for the rest of the team's personnel, 53% are women, compared to 47% men. This diversity of leadership reflects its commitment to equal opportunity and the recognition of talent regardless of gender. From meticulous planning to impeccable execution, each step toward the success of the Autocine group has been shaped by the dedication and skill of these talented women.The impact of attendees on the entertainment sceneMore than 231,000 spectators have come to the drive-in enjoying film screenings, captivating 134,700 attendees at its events at Rita's and organizing more than 130 external events, consolidating its position as the preferred destination for unique entertainment experiences. In addition, they have had the privilege of being chosen as a location for renowned filming and shootings, from the vibrant Aventura - Ana Mena video clip to the Chrvsh shooting, thus contributing to the spectacular cultural and artistic panorama of their community.

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