STATEMENT: The new album for fans revolutionizes the world of sports

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: The new album for fans revolutionizes the world of sports

(Information sent by the signatory company)

"Eisgenoss" accompanies ice hockey fans on their way to the 2026 World Championship in Switzerland

ZURICH, April 25, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- A novel ice hockey puck with an integrated chip is revolutionizing the world of sports. The Swiss hockey puck, known as "Eisgenoss", which comes in a limited edition of gold, silver and conventional hard rubber, marks the beginning of a new era. The "Eisgenoss" symbolizes the belief in the power of sport to unite communities while paving the way for new opportunities for fan participation. Combines collector value and technical innovation. The sale of this special puck also supports young Swiss ice hockey talents.

Thanks to an integrated chip, the "Eisgenoss" offers fans access to unique privileges. When the chip is read with a mobile phone, owners can access numerous exclusive benefits depending on the Eisgenoss category: pre-purchase rights for tickets to the World Championship and international matches, VIP entry to an international match, "meet and greet" with ice hockey stars. from the Swiss ice hockey team, exclusive behind-the-scenes experiences, signed merchandise, exclusive information and multimedia content, voting rights and much more. This takes fan interaction to a whole new level.

"Eisgenoss" accompanies Swiss ice hockey fans on their way to the local World Cup in 2026

This unique collector's item is jointly launched by the Swiss Ice Hockey Federation (SIHF), Swiss gold dealer Philoro and Web 3.0 specialist company Vivents, ahead of the 2026 Ice Hockey World Championship in Switzerland. The "Eisgenoss" is available in Switzerland as a single piece in gold (2,293 kilograms), 200 pieces in silver (1 kilogram) and 2,500 pieces in the original design (hard rubber). The gold and silver record was produced by philoro SCHWEIZ and is 100% Swiss Made. A portion of the profits from the sale of the puck will go towards promoting young talents in Swiss ice hockey.

"Eisgenoss is the new exclusive Swiss ice hockey community that will accompany us on our path to the local World Championship. Access is via a physical and digital key," said Marco Baumann, Marketing and Sponsorship Director of Swiss Ice Hockey. . Federation (SIHF). "The fact that an ice hockey puck is now available in gold and silver is already a novelty. Added to this is the chip, which allows new forms of interaction with fans," Baumann continued. "Sports and precious metals are closely linked. Trophies of success and perseverance are always enhanced with gold and silver," said Christian Brenner, CEO of gold dealer philoro.

"Reorganize community power in a revolutionary way"

Because the "Eisgenoss" combines a physical value with a digital value, it is known as "phygital". The creation, design, technical implementation and placement of Web 3.0 was carried out by Vivents. "The world of sports offers the ideal setting for blockchain loyalty programs like 'Eisgenoss', which enrich the fan experience and reorganize the power of their community in a revolutionary way. With the launch of 'Eisgenoss' and its phygital properties "We are opening up a new dimension of fan engagement and experience," said Sarah Schlagenhauf, CEO and founder of Vivents.

The "Eisgenoss" rubber costs 300 francs, the silver edition 3,300 francs and the single gold version sells for 300,000 francs. "With the gold 'Eisgenoss' we have created the most valuable record in the world," said Christian Brenner of philoro. More information at

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Caption: The Swiss hockey puck called "Eisgenoss", which is made in a limited edition of gold, silver and conventional hard rubber, offers fans access to unique privileges thanks to an integrated chip.

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The Swiss Ice Hockey Federation (SIHF) is the umbrella organization for Swiss ice hockey. The "Sport" division is responsible for all national teams as well as all youth players (talents and youth sports), while the "Leagues" division

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