STATEMENT: The SM Foundation brings religious heritage closer to Soria teachers for their catechesis classes

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: The SM Foundation brings religious heritage closer to Soria teachers for their catechesis classes

(Information sent by the signatory company)

· With this seminar, the SM Foundation wants to support Catholic Religion teachers to enhance the development of the artistic area in students, taking advantage of the religious heritage of their localities.

· Castilla y León will host this initiative on September 30 in Burgo de Osma (Soria) and in October in Zamora.

· More than 2,500 Religion teachers and catechists have taken one of the courses on The Experience of God through Art organized by the SM Foundation in the last 20 years.

· According to data from the Ministry of Education and Professional Training of Spain, in the 2020-2021 academic year there were a total of 17,963 Catholic Religion teachers in public and private education in Spain. In Castilla y León, 1,099 were counted.*

Madrid, September 27, 2023.- The experience of God through art are courses aimed at teachers, catechists, guides and pastoral agents, with the aim of delving into the religious dimension of works of art from different disciplines in order to then use it as a vehicle for content in your usual activity. Throughout Spain, it is estimated that more than 75,000 people belong to one of these profiles,* linked to the Christian formation of boys, girls and young people.

On September 30, these days, organized by the SM Foundation and by those responsible for Education and Heritage of the Spanish dioceses, will be held in Burgo de Osma (Soria) and at the end of October in Zamora.

The participants will live artistic experiences linked to beauty and the transcendent, both theoretical and practical, which will serve as a lever to explain and transmit to their students experiences about God, forgiveness, love, redemption, beauty and many other experiences that They are part of the Christian tradition.

During the course they will attend various workshops linked to artistic disciplines from the world of cinema, painting, sculpture or music, including a live flute performance by the well-known conductor Antonio Yepes. The director and composer will also present some musical notions linked to theological experiences in the theoretical workshop that he will teach. *

Works of art available to everyone

Throughout the Spanish territory, today, there are a total of 22,988 churches, 735 monasteries, 87 cathedrals and 639 sanctuaries that contain works of sacred art, according to the study Catholic Church: parishes, monasteries, cathedrals and sanctuaries in Spain in 2022 .*

The Statistics of Museums and Museum Collections, belonging to the National Statistical Plan developed by the Ministry of Culture and Sports, with the collaboration of the Ministry of Defense, National Heritage and Autonomous Communities and Cities, recognizes that about 7.3% of museums and collections are linked to some Catholic religious institution.*

"This cultural and artistic wealth existing in the dioceses constitutes a magnificent tool for the experiential transmission of values ​​and experiences. From the SM Foundation we want to help educators use this heritage in their teaching activity as a vehicle for the transmission of knowledge," said José María González, Project Director of the SM Foundation.

About the SM Foundation

The SM Foundation is a non-profit educational institution that works so that, through education and culture, no girl or boy is left behind. We guide all our initiatives to improve educational equity and quality from four areas of intervention: Educational Research, Socio-educational Assistance Projects, Teacher Training and Educational Editorial Innovation Projects.*

We are backed by more than forty-five years of experience in the development of educational and cultural projects in Spain and Latin America. The SM Foundation allocates the benefits derived from SM's business activity to programs that, through education, seek to contribute to a more inclusive, fair, peaceful and sustainable world. The Youth Observatory in Ibero-America is a program of the SM Foundation with more than thirty years of dedication to research on youth, education and culture, which throughout its history has prepared dozens of reports to analyze and diagnose the perception of the new generations and their construction of reality.**

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