STATEMENT: The television premiere of the month of May: 'Nicols: The Difference and Treasures of the Earth'

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: The television premiere of the month of May: 'Nicols: The Difference and Treasures of the Earth'

(Information sent by the signatory company)

'Nicols: The Difference and Treasures of the Earth' premieres on television, a television premiere that reveals the soul of jewelry

Madrid, May 3, 2024.- In a fusion of luxury and legend, Nicols Joyeros Madrid 1917 and Déjate de Historias TV are proud to present the premiere of a documentary series that is a gem in itself, Nicols: The Difference and Treasures of the earth, ready to dazzle Saturday nights at 10:00 p.m. in the prestigious prime time. This television event is not just a premiere; is an invitation to discover the essence of the jewels that have adorned history and the promising future that Nicols traces throughout the world, on a television leader in cultural and quality content. From the artisan hands that shape eternal jewels to the distant lands that hide gems in their bowels, Nicols: the difference is the first chapter that opens the door to the dedication and passion that defines Nicols. The journey continues with Treasures of the Earth, taking viewers on a visual journey through Cambodia, Colombia and Sri Lanka, telling the story of the zircon, the emerald and the sapphire. Each episode, enriched by the intimate interviews of Silvia Alamo Bravo, weaves a plot where jewelry becomes the protagonist and previews what will be a second season full of ambition and growth with the arrival of Nicols Jewelry in Miami and the United States."Déjate de Historias TV has chosen Nicols' documentaries for their exceptional production and the passion that permeates them, thus complementing our mission of offering quality content and heart," says María José Peláez, founder of the channel that has conquered more than 270,000 viewers and continues to grow, through DTT, Déjate de Historias TV Online and mobile applications. "Premiere on Déjate de Historias TV is to fulfill the dream of sharing our love for jewelry with the world, we are very grateful to the entire family of this television made with love," says Dani Nicols, expressing the fervor from a brand that has become synonymous with art and emotion. Nicols and treasures of the earth is not just a premiere, it is a celebration of art, history and humanity captured in time and the brilliance of each gem. "Let yourself be captivated by this exceptional journey and witness how Nicols continues to carve his legacy with every diamond, every story and every viewer who joins his journey."

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