STATEMENT: Veganuary: a decade accompanying those who want to try veganism during the month of January

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: Veganuary: a decade accompanying those who want to try veganism during the month of January

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Madrid, December 19, 2023.

More than a hundred brands have already joined and personalities from the world of cinema, sports and culture support it: on December 5, the deadline to register for the challenge of trying vegan food during the month of January opened.

Veganuary, the global NGO that has been encouraging people to try veganism for a decade during the month of January, does so this year for the first time from Spain with the support of personalities from the world of cinema such as Clara Lago, Elisabeth Larena and Dani Rovira , elite sports like the Olympic swimmer Emma García, and culture like the writer and screenwriter Nuria Gago. Plants that are more effective than politicians in combating climate chaos Veganuary debuts in Spain with an eye-catching outdoor advertising campaign in the Madrid and Barcelona metro that focuses on the benefits of a plant-based diet for the planet and on inaction of the political class in this area. In a series of colorful advertisements and under the slogan "Plants that go where politicians don't", Veganuary addresses urgent issues where a move towards plant-based diets would produce great benefits and where, however, politicians are failing:• "Reduce the carbon footprint"•  "Improve public health"•  "Protect our planet"The campaign can be seen in central metro stations in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​as well as on social networks starting December 12. The director of Veganuary in Spain, Amanda Romero, states: "For every million people who participate in Veganuary by trying veganism for 31 days, we can save 6.2 million liters of water, avoid a lifetime of suffering for 3.4 million animals and stop emit more than 100,00 tons of Co2 equivalent into the atmosphere. Few things in our power have such a positive impact, which is why we encourage everyone to try it to start the year." Celebrities who support Veganuary 2024 Emma García is world runner-up in artistic swimming: "since I changed my lifestyle and adopted veganism I have not only improved my performance, but I have achieved my best sporting results. I have proven that veganism does not makes you weak, but, on the contrary, it empowers you. The swimmer, who has been in the elite competition for more than a decade, adds: "Also, very happy to be able to achieve it without any animal having to suffer for it or be involved, saving thousands of lives and also improving the environmental impact." On the other hand, the popular actress Elisabeth Larena has just joined the personalities from the world of cinema who support the campaign. Well-known faces such as Dani Rovira, Clara Lago and Nuria Gago lend their popularity and image to raise awareness about the need to promote plant-based nutrition for various reasons, among which the protection of animals, one's own health and the care of the animal stand out. planet. More than a hundred companies have already joined, and the list is growing. Large food brands have joined the celebration of veganism in January, such as the plant-based beverage producer YOSOY or the plant-based cheese manufacturer Nurishh; innovative plant-based meat company Heura Foods; supermarket chains such as Sorli, with more than 100 stores and Veritas, specialized in organic products. Restaurant chains such as Ramen Shifu, Japanese food, Las Muns, specializing in empanadas, and The Fitzgerald, gourmet hamburger restaurants, along with a hundred other companies, have already confirmed their participation in Veganuary 2024. They will do so by launching special products, actions and offers to make it super easy and delicious to try veganism during the month of January and beyond. How to participate in the challenge and what does it consist of? You only need to register at this link on the Veganuary website to receive, completely free of charge: a revolutionary weekly recipe book, the e-book of celebrity recipes, the Official Veganuary Starter Kit and menus adapted to all needs, in addition of daily emails throughout the month of January with nutritional information, exclusive offers, delicious recipes and many useful tips. Since Veganuary launched its first challenge 10 years ago, in January 2014, millions of people have officially participated and many more have done so without registering. In a survey* carried out by the NGO six months after the challenge, almost two thirds declared that they had noticed an improvement in their health, with more energy and a better mood, and 80% of those who were not vegan at the time of signing up maintained , months later, a notable reduction in their consumption of products of animal origin. *Veganuary 2023 Six month survey -------------- Resources for editorial staff:  Veganuary 2024 press kit

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