The Lighthouse registered more than eight million visits in 2023, a record number in its eleven years of life

BADAJOZ, 12 Ene.

The Lighthouse registered more than eight million visits in 2023, a record number in its eleven years of life


The El Faro shopping center, in Badajoz, closed 2023 with record visits. More than eight million people passed through its facilities last year, a record number in the eleven years of the center's existence. Added to the growth in visitors is the attraction of new brands. Thus, El Faro said goodbye to the year with six new openings, two expansions and the announcement of the arrival of three new brands for the month of January; data that has led to this shopping center being consolidated, once again, as a commercial enclave in the region.

For the manager of the El Faro shopping center, Paulo Belchior, “this has been a year marked by different milestones such as the inauguration of new leading brands in their respective sectors, which have been combined with the development of important events.” "All of this happens through the main objective of the center, which is none other than to be the leading destination for leisure, shopping and services in the region and due to the cross-border situation of the center itself, to be a reference for the Eurocity formed by Badajoz, Elvas and Campo Maior (Eurobec)”.

In this way, the increase in the portfolio has been accompanied by the enhancement of culture, gastronomy and the Extremaduran company through the annual design of an action plan focused on highlighting our flavor and our character.

Effort redoubled this December with the launch of the gastronomic and artisan market implemented on the premises in collaboration with Foods of Extremadura, the school Christmas tree competition or the gift packaging service that has been managed hand in hand and for the benefit of the AOEX during the Christmas campaign, through which more than 50 volunteers have passed through the center and a total of 3,576.81 euros has been raised.

According to Belchior, “both the varied and complete offering of stores, as well as the extensive leisure programme, have led to El Faro closing 2023 as one of the best years in terms of number of visitors and becoming a pole of attraction for the arrival of new brands. in the Extremaduran Community”.

The Badajoz shopping center has also expanded its already consolidated commercial offering with the openings of young and local brands such as Lollipops and Laucala and with the reopenings of Stradivarius, Jack

Regarding its latest openings, El Faro welcomed the D-Uñas beauty center on December 1, specialized in offering manicures, pedicures, eyebrow treatments, threading, lifting and cutting-edge eyelash tints. The service, located in the corner of the shopping gallery, highlights its team of experts, dedicated to offering “a unique customer experience, where every detail counts.”

On the other hand, the “miramira” line of jewelry stores also opened its doors in El Faro, prior to the end of the year. As a young brand focused on offering quality jewelry and accessories at very competitive prices, its products have “a unique personality and a trendy design.”

Likewise, the center has reinforced its shopping offer through the expansion of the premises of the fashion brand Alvaro Moreno, which has now grown to a total of 350 square meters. The Spanish firm, present in more than 50 points of sale throughout the country, thus has a space where “all visitors will be able to purchase a wide variety of models for both special occasions and everyday wear.”

In line with its commitment to new openings, the shopping center will begin the year with the arrival of the El Corte Inglés Travel Agency, which will offer its services in a new location located next to Lollipops. Thus, the company will continue to offer visitors the opportunity to take family trips, weekend outings, summer vacations, honeymoons, as well as professional and business trips; “All this with very advantageous economic rates and a tailored service,” as they have indicated.

The travel agency service can be perfectly complemented by the products of the subsequent opening that will arrive in El Faro in mid-January, that of the brand specialized in bags, backpacks and suitcases, Paco Martínez. The brand, which has more than 100 stores distributed nationally and internationally, has become “a reference brand with a clear and quality offer, which adapts its products to the needs of its customers.”

A commitment to new airs will also be experienced with the inauguration of the new Wok restaurant, which will land at the end of January in the restaurant area

El Faro, owned by Castellana Properties and managed by Cushman