So I had to stop at the student who did the

There are some that seem the toughest, and the strongest of the skoldebatten and, in particular, to get to the problems with the afternoon, the students. We, te

So I had to stop at the student who did the

There are some that seem the toughest, and the strongest of the skoldebatten and, in particular, to get to the problems with the afternoon, the students. We, teachers, should, according to some commentators, to be able to grab a hold of a messing around doesn learner and throw it out to the other students to get the study environment. But it'll be big muscles in order to work on one at secondary school? Yes, this approach to the management of the system problems in the school, resulting in the extension of this, when some of the students are strong, and won't want to be pushed out of the door, if they found themselves in the heat of the moment. Is there a more clever way to bring order in their classrooms without having to get physical? Yes, but this is being built not in a day; it depends, inter alia, the good structure, clarity, and good elevrelationer.

However, a good relationship, is well, weird? To become friends with the students, of course not!!! Good relationships in the school, and a ”friend” of mine, however, is väsensskilt of a professional teacher. The relationship is built up over a period of time by the teacher showing the students care and that we are to think of them in the classroom. To the students, then, to bite the hand that feeds them with knowledge and attention to detail? No, time is not.

I was often pissed off
In the course of my first seven years working in, I was a pe teacher and worked in a sensitive area, in a suburb of stockholm. In the first year of high school, I was often pissed off. The fire was met with fire, and my 23-year-old, I had to wrestle with a vengeance, mostly by the hard-core guys, who at least had the trouble to bring charges.

Föräldrastödet were frequently given, and where my communication, after all, brought the feelings on the other end, was frequently the cape, back towards the school.

the Crackdown, and consisted primarily of name-calling, physical rejection, and utlåsning of the student, which sabotaged and interfered with. The lessons that were saved when the less, in spite of the sometimes intense pounding on the door. Hemringningar came after a student still, but in some cases there were a total of verkanslösa. Föräldrastödet often armt, and hopeless, and when my communications, in spite of all, it brought feelings and emotions, on the other hand, the handset was turned, often the cape, back towards the school.

Somewhere in my second year as a teacher, I realized that some students were resistant to ”harsh” and difficult to be achieved in this way. I had to think outside the box.

the Twist: the Genuine concern in the Turning point came one day when a student is bothered by my review, in the face of a idrottsmoment, and when I corrected him, he responded angrily, and on the road. I bet, back to back, which the student became more and more odious, I threw the pack on the floor and went to the locker room. Once the class is set up, I went after the student, who fled. He was standing in the doorway to the hall and be prepared for tough confrontation, but instead of yelling I tried to ask how he was doing. ”I can see that you are angry and disappointed about a thing! How are you doing?” The student was flabbergasted by this approach and there is no way out came to him. He did not say much, what I do remember, however, that we found each other on that day. I also found something else, too: A method that works well for me is when a student interferes with, or is losing his composure. In a disarming gesture, which makes it difficult for them to continue to behave badly; it is a genuine concern.

< Lågaffektiv follow-up
of Course, out I was still in it when it is needed, but then I'm fast, and are talking quietly with the messing around doesn learner, outside of the spotlight. This is a calm and lågaffektiva follow-up, as well as, showed the consideration to prevent future mess, and that is exactly what the prevention and long-term that is ”forgotten” when discussing ordningsskapande of the school. How can a student, I have class to avoid the unnecessary time and energitapp in the future?

I think that the most vocal proponents of tougher measures to be amazed when they enter a classroom that is characterized by the structure of the mutual recognition of professional qualifications and good industrial relations. It is a good study environment, and students are to respect their leaders. The best thing of all is that you can do so without force. < / span> < / span>

Förstelärare the Stordammens school in Uppsala, sweden.

a Lecture on leadership in the classroom.

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