Yahya Hassan is the hate still more every

. Said to be "Hassan" should be returned. After a splendid debut in the spectacular diktboken ”Yahya Hassan” sold over 100,000 copies, and a hell of a lot

Yahya Hassan is the hate still more every


Said to be "Hassan"

should be returned.

After a splendid debut in the spectacular diktboken ”Yahya Hassan” sold over 100,000 copies, and a hell of a lot of clutter, a political career, serious violent crime, drug abuse, psychiatric hospitalization – will, ”Said Hassan, 2”.

I do hope that as many people read it. Even if both the tone, and the hard-boiled style, and they are angry, uppercase letters are the same, and even though I don't think that the new book will be picked up by all sorts of intellectuals-or even to approach the sensationsnivå, it just tjugofyraåriga Hassan to become a better, smarter, england.

her self-esteem, which is so ungmanligt, is the light that leads him through the misery.

the Images are powerful, sharp, clear, and collide hard into each other, as if to underline the fact that the insurgent desperation that drives his life, and all of the horrors of domestic violence, with Hassan, who is both a victim and a victimizer, which gives them their. It's a black, pitch-black, without being self-pitying, coquette, or any romanticism. The violence is only violence, cruelty, and horrific, just as real as the sun rise, and the dandelions, but it is perhaps more important to relate.

her self-esteem, which is so ungmanligt, is the light that leads him through the misery, as it means that he is not dompteras of the literary public sphere, which suddenly started to care about him.

Natalie is disgusted by it, in and of itself, by the society he happens to live in THE POLSTRER to ME WITH the PRIVILEGES, BUT I'm grouping to gether THE RETALIATION / SOLIDARITY-GOT 'TIL SOLODARITET / OG STEMMEN WAS FORHEKSET / I: DANCES of the BALLET, WITH MY" BALLAST”.

However, while mr Hassan mixes, self-hatred, självframställan and verklighetsbild he takes unusually long.

when the Gunnar Ekelöf: , the modern poetry favoritdevis non serviam, I don't get paid, it was a cliche. In the best of cases, earning the poet the right to not serve, that is to say, by the ilsknaste samhällskritiken, in the end, an edifying purpose; in the worst, and the most common case in the literature of community, which needs to be served and supported in the case that you wish to continue to carry the membership card.

However, while mr Hassan mixes, self-hatred, social självframställning and verklighetsbild he takes unusually long. He acts as a sort of an absolute pariah, the one that can not be, should be or want to be a part of any community. This is a relatively mild example:


as the reader is aware that he is living in this tjuvliv, has been convicted and sentenced to prison for shooting a young man in the leg, carrying the skyddsväst and knarkar game, get the lines sound authentic. However, it is not the one that is the issue.

" Hassan refers to himself as a blasfemisk avart, and I think that it is irreverent of the poem, and his criminal behaviour could be understood as a tight-knit: they come out of the wrath of god, is a categorical refusal to integrate himself into the world he loves. Don't obey the law-and-order. Do not write neatly, the good life.

the Flaws are, it has to be acknowledged.

In a sense, ”Said Hassan, the 2” is a story about what, ”Said Hassan,” cost was Said to be Hassan. And, as he himself, speaking of bodyguards, he has a need, says: ”THE ARMY MÆND, IT HAS BEDRE AT MIT in the LIFE / END of I INSTALLATION to HAVE IT”.

the Flaws are there, it must be acknowledged, that is, when Hassan is in a couple of the poems are occupied with the putslustiga slutrim (for example, in the ”Skudt, or when the results will be juvenile provocation (”ER BLEVET is A clich? hat the AT SKYDE PEOPLE DOWN”). But I do not know if these moves necessarily have to be seen as imperfections, it might not be the case that it is plump, heavy and bad work, which, well, poetic necessities of life?

" Hassan's not only morally dangerous, and society critical episode, and his stubborn refusal to serve with the literature to do that. Their own words speak for themselves: ”JEG HENTER INSPIRATION of the DER on the website where the HOSE will GET HER MARRIED to the / AND FANTHE MAY FORRÅD /[...]/ MIT RØVHULSAFTRYK YOU AT the FIND AT THE HVIDE LAGNER.”

There are, of course, poetry, which is referred to in the last line, this is the one that is rövhålsavtryck on the white bed sheets, bajsfläckar in the state of innocence, purity.

the Great poetry is probably the wrong word.

Better than that, you can't tell Hassan pietetslösa poetry. He slamrar hard, to strike a balance between the (perhaps) make sense, the bad, and the sorgvackra it in a nasty flow, and is filled with dread. Every now and then gläntas it to bråddjupaste help. It is a nice. Woman of the staff.

the Large, poetry is probably the wrong word, it's hardly poetry of the sort that we have learned to call great poetry. ”Yahya Hassan, the 2 are different. And that is something that I am very happy for you.

Yahya Hassan 2.

Gyldendal, 114 pp.

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to the Victor of Ore, is a critic and editor in chief of the Swedish newspaper Expressen kultursida.

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