What is EMF and How Does It Affect Us?

EMF stands for electromagnetic field. Electronic devices produce electrical currents

What is EMF and How Does It Affect Us?

EMF stands for electromagnetic field. Electronic devices produce electrical currents, which in turn generate electromagnetic radiation. Examples of these devices are computers, cell phones, power tools and other similar electrical appliances. With the rapid advancements in technology, a lot of the things that we use in our everyday life emit electromagnetic radiation, both in small and significant amounts. The electromagnetic radiation that we receive is many million times more than our ancestors. So, what are the effects of EMF on humans?

Nervous system

Exposure to high levels of electromagnetic radiation can cause chaos in the body’s nervous system. There will be changes in the brain’s structure and chemistry in that there is a significant decrease in the hormones and cells that make the brain function properly. When hormone and cell functions in the brain are affected, they will manifest in outward physical function, such as difficulty in concentration, poor memory and the like. To soften the blow of radiation that our bodies absorb, we can use EMF protection that is effective in creating a barrier between our devices and our bodies. These types of protection will significantly reduce radiation absorption.


Notice that if you are using your phone in bed with the lights off, with only the light from the phone as a source of illumination, the quality of your sleep is poor. It is because the radiation that the device emits affects the way your brain prepares your body for sleep and rest. The result will be insomnia, difficulty going to sleep and tiredness when you wake up. Try going to bed without using your phone, and you will see a significant improvement in the quality of your sleep. You will feel more rested and energised.


Electromagnetic radiation, believe it or not, causes stress. When you accumulate large amounts of radiation from frequent use of electronic devices, your body’s response to specific stimuli will become poor, creating pressure on your mind and body. Stress manifests itself by way of headaches, body aches, mood swings, insomnia and lack of concentration.


Some studies show that there is a link between long exposures to EMF and certain cancers such as leukaemia. But scientists need to conduct more studies to prove further that EMF can cause cancer and other serious illnesses. But no matter how minuscule the amount of radiation that the devices that we use emit, we should always take the necessary precautions to lessen the amount that our bodies absorb. Even if the electronic devices that we use only emit minimal amounts of radiation, it will accumulate over time and wreak havoc on your body and well-being.

Even if our devices only emit minuscule amounts of radiation, these small amounts will accumulate over time and become a health hazard. We are very dependent on the use of electrical and wireless devices in doing our tasks that we can no longer function without them. Take a break and let your body recuperate from too much radiation and you will see a significant change in your energy levels. 

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Updated Date: 07 September 2018, 02:11

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