Michel Drucker : how will he be after his heart operation ?

r France 2 and France 3, such as The Night of the Molieres or the Victories of the music. Michel Drucker is also a host on radio, first to RTL with "RTL is y

Michel Drucker : how will he be after his heart operation ?
r France 2 and France 3, such as The Night of the Molieres or the Victories of the music.

Michel Drucker is also a host on radio, first to RTL with "RTL is you" from 1974 to 1976, and then "The Big Parade" from 1976 to 1982, and from time to time, "The Suitcase RTL". He then became a presenter for Europe 1, with "Studio 1" from 1983 to 1987. In 2008, he returned to animate the show "Europe 1 "Discoveries" and in 2009, "Studio Europe 1" with Wendy Bouchard.

A new breath to Drucker with his show

A 77-year-old, Michel Drucker is aware that his television career may come to an end. Thus, it decides to renew on the boards, with One-man shows. His first show, Only with you in 2016-2017, retraces the 50 years of his career, describing the scenes, behind the scenes of his craft. Precious memories and intimate that he wishes to share with the public. In its second show, you had me, in 2019-2020, Michel Drucker makes the comparison between the end of the Twentieth century and the beginning of the Twenty-first century, the job of presenter-television presenter, but also as an actor, singer, humorist and even politician. Michel Drucker tends here towards nostalgia, admitting that those ancient times, and in particular his friends and colleagues, he was lacking.

Michel Drucker and his dog on the famous red couch of "Highly Sunday" © PJB/SIPA women in the life of Michel Drucker

Met by his friend Claude François, Michel Drucker is married to actress Dany Saval, Las Vegas, 28 July 1973. Between 2004 and 2006, Michel Drucker has a relationship with the writer Calixthe Beyala. This contributes to one of its books that has ever appeared but is not paid. She brought so a trial, which she lost in 2009, but that it is gaining appeal in 2011. Michel Drucker, therefore, must pay him 40 000 euros.

children of Michel Drucker

Of his marriage with the actress Dany Saval, Michel Drucker will not have a child. However, the actress is already a mother of a daughter, Stéphanie Jarre, born of his old relationship with the composer Maurice Jarre, father also of Jean-Michel Jarre. Michel Drucker the student as his daughter. He and his wife have also adopted a young cambodian in 1979, which is named Yleng.

The family of Michel Drucker

Michel Drucker has two brothers : first of all, Jean Drucker (1941-2003), the head of television and the father of the journalist Marie Drucker. Then Jacques Drucker (born 1946), professor of medicine and father of the actress Léa Drucker. After the death of his elder brother, Michel Drucker discovers that he has a half-brother named Patrick.

Michel Drucker and his salary

A survey by the magazine Capital in 2018 reveals the wage of Michel Drucker : his business assets would amount to approximately 11 million euros. This figure is due thanks to the sales figures of his own production company, her salary as a facilitator, and finally to the management of its core facilities, it leases to other producers and companies.

The books of Michel Drucker

outside of tv and radio, Michel Drucker has shown in other activities. He has published many books, some in collaboration, as for example his biography, "But that is what we will do to you?" written with Jean-François Kervéan, in 2007.

Honours of Michel Drucker

Michel Drucker has received several awards : in 1984, he was made a knight of the order of Arts and Letters and a chevalier in 1994 and officer of the Legion of honor in 2004. In 2001, he was made a knight, and in 2010 an officer of the ordre national du Québec. Then in 2014, he became a Commander of the order of the Crown, Belgium. He also received the Medal of the City of Paris in 1979.

Michel Drucker and music

Michel Drucker also has a discography : he was a narrator twice in "La fugue du Petit Poucet" in 1986 and "The Great Disk of the Disney Movies" in 1988. Then he has lent his voice for humanitarian causes : "The Song of the Restos" in 1986, "For you, Armenia" in 1989 and "1 Gesture for Haiti my darling" in 2010.

Michel Drucker in film and television

Between 1972 and 2020, it often has its own role of facilitator in such movies as "The journey is the adventure" by Claude Lelouch, "The Antidote" by Vincent de Brus, and in series such as "Ten percent".

Michel Drucker and Johnny Hallyday

The December 5, 2017, Michel Drucker learns that his long-time friend, Johnny Hallyday, has died of cancer. The next day, he presents a special show in tribute to his friend and back in tears at the end of it. In fact, at the time where starts the end credits, Michel Drucker concludes his words : "I embrace Laeticia, girls, David, Laura, all those who are close to Johnny and that the cry this evening. You know, in my career, long already, I've seen from a lot of friends." Overwhelmed by emotion, he stops for a few seconds and adds : "He was special". He finished then : "You could live a little again, Johnny", "I know that we will meet again one day or the other. Hi buddy !". A sequence of intense emotion, which has moved all the viewers.

Since his death, the animator shows the strong friendship that he had with Johnny and tells with fun anecdotes during his interviews, such as, for example, the text message that had sent him the singer, a few days before his death : "I have been young so long that I am not seen to age". All of these anecdotes, and even quarrels, with the famous singer, he says in an entire chapter on Johnny Hallyday, in his book, "It takes time for the rest

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