And Flanders discovered Emmanuelle Praet...

Reading zen And this is a new francophone who crosses the wall of fame in Flanders. In a few days, by the grace of a tweet from Theo Francken – #jesoutienseman

And Flanders discovered Emmanuelle Praet...
Reading zen

And this is a new francophone who crosses the wall of fame in Flanders. In a few days, by the grace of a tweet from Theo Francken – #jesoutiensemannuellepraet –, the columnist of the RTL has become a " bekende waal ". Tuesday and Wednesday, the "polemicist/writer/maker of opinion" was including the one from de Morgen and de Standaard. And here is the Flanders which looks and pours on the threat which would impact on the freedom of expression in the south of the country and on the existence of a monopoly of the left in the French media that muselleraient any expression of the right.

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The first observation made in the north of the country for the debates in the French-speaking. "More hard and chaotic than we are," says De Standaard. "A rat race ", stated, in French, Mia Doornaert, former journalist and now columnist in Flanders, already invited several times on the set of " It's not every day Sunday ". It explained, moreover, "Afspraak" Monday on the Canvas "that we can be happy if we can say a few phrases" in the course of trade of a few minutes allowed in this show that puts five or six people in the debate. Emmanuelle Praet is Mia Doornaert, a kind of soul sister : the journalist flemish has been the subject of a controversy. Considered too to the ultra-right by the flemish cultural heritage, it has been private time of his appointment to the presidency of the Funds of the Letters of flanders.

The second conclusion drawn in the north of the country is aimed at the casting of this show of political debate Sunday on RTL. "Have you ever heard of Emmanuelle Praet ? ", questions De Standaard, which clings to the host Christophe Deborsu, the name of which speaks to the whole of Flanders. Alain Raviart ? The Flemings discovered it. "A macho, murdering Mia Doornaert, that does not forgive the qualifier of "backcombing hair" (in French still) attached to it by the former spokesperson for the HRC in a debate between two women ministers. "Een bag gevecht" translates the journalist for tv viewers in flanders.

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If Emmanuelle Praet deserves his kindness, Raviart, he continues to take for his degree : Mia Doornaert want him obviously to have written on Facebook that she was defending the Vlaams Belang on RTL then, she says, she did not explain the elements of fact. "The francophones continue to have a hard time distinguishing a fact from opinion ", she said later.

This brings us to the third observation flemish : it's still complicated to understand, between north and south. Mia Doornaert, always it, "remarks on generalizations of francophones for whom" obviously Flanders is a band of fascists, "and stipulates that, to the south of the country, a journalist who "dares" discuss the costs to the police by the yellow vests is fatally " préfasciste ".

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In fine, the northern part of the country judge the public opinion in French-speaking massively to the left ? The political scientist Dave Sinardet nuance and note that we must not under-estimate the wave conservative in the listeners and the viewers of RTL. "When you read the comments on RTL online, we can see that Theo Francken has a lot of fans of the other side of the linguistic border ", he says in the newspapers in flanders. Adding that now, in the light of the results of the elections, the panel of commentators from RTL, with an ex-CDH, a " MR " and an ex-SP, is no longer representative and should have one or Ecolo.

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another woman on a tv tray ? In a completely different genre, but with a sort of franc-also speaking, the patron saint of the SNCB, Sophie Dutordoir, was the guest of the program "Alleen Elvis blijft bestaan" Saturday evening on Canvas. This program allows you to discover a personality through his selection of nine to ten fragments of movies, interviews of celebrities or concerts. Babette's Feast, Annie Girardot on Alzheimer's, Don Camillo : all the moments are commented on and that allowed to learn more about this woman who, after having led Electrabel and opened a deli/snack bar in Overijse, has chosen to take on the crazy challenge of taking out the trains belgian of the rut.

The patron saint also ends its grace period : punctuality is returning to its lowest levels and policies, in particular the N-VA, are starting to get excited : but what does it since his arrival ? "I accept bad criticism on the SNCB from the policy. If the NMBS is what it is, it is the responsibility of the policy choices of the past. Dogs are not cats. We did not tell the people what was expected of them. "she said Saturday night, adding :" It has to start with a federal vision of what we want for mobility in this country, coupled with a vision of the organization. Let's sit together and decide where we want to go. "

" It may be something but it would allow you to do so ? ", asked the socialist Johan Vande Lanotte on the appointment of Dutordoir. The editorialist of the Laatste Nieuws, which reminds us of the anecdote, added in the beginning of the week in an opinion piece : "The government of Michel has not had the courage to tackle fundamentally the SNCB. Too important, too complicated, too expensive ? The railways are worth in any case better than to be entrusted to ministers of the second rank, Galant, and then Bellot. "Obviously, it was not only the French press, which would be critical with the right...

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