Iforex Review

iFOREX is one of the more popular browser-based trading platforms

Iforex Review
iFOREX is one of the more popular browser-based trading platforms, focusing on its ability to provide customers with real-time news, technical analysis indicators and educational material. In addition to written articles about the nuances of the capital markets, iFOREX brings a large library of videos to its customers on demand.

A Driving Force I Real-time News

The iFOREX platform is browser and mobile based, providing investors capabilities wherever they have internet or cellular access. This provides traders with real-time news and analysis that can be captured when you are on the go.  Whenever there is a market moving event, iFOREX will cover the news and provide traders with insight into where the markets are moving. Additionally, iFOREX provides traders with a real-time economic and financial calendar. This is a snapshot of the releases that are expected during the week. The estimate based on several analysts’ expectations as well as the actual release which can be compared to the estimates.

Technical Analysis Capabilities

iFOREX offers customers state of the art technical analysis capabilities. This includes access to trend line graphing, which allows traders to formulate support and resistance levels. In addition, charting capabilities include moving averages, as well as several studies. Some of the more popular studies include momentum analysis, the moving average convergence divergence index (MACD), and the ADX.  There are also several types of oscillators, such as the relative strength index (RSI) and the fast stochastics. The charting features allows you to overlay multiple studies with trend line allowing you to find the best exit and entry criteria. 

Education is Robust

One of the most comprehensive features is the education modules supported by iFOREX. You can access educational material via the browser platform as well as the mobile platform. There are extensive articles as well as a full library of videos. The educational material is in multiple languages, providing a global appeal. Educational videos describe how to trade the markets using the technical analysis tools offered by iFOREX.  These videos are step-by-step‘how to’ videos that are great for both novice and experienced traders. In addition to focusing on technical analysis, the videos in the Education Library also focus on risk management and how to reduce your risk while increasing your potential rewards. Some of the videos will go into detail about how to formulate a trading strategy combining risk management with technical analysis.


iFOREX provides traders and investors with two state of the art platforms which can be used via the internet or through a mobile device. These two platforms provide excellent vehicles for real-time news that can be captured anywhere you have access to the internet or cellular mediums. Both platforms provide users with technical analysis capabilities, allowing them to enter and exit trades using charts and graphs. Lastly, iFOREX has a robust education module that is in both video and written format. The educational videos cover a wide range of products including how to use their platforms, technical analysis and risk management.
Updated Date: 19 December 2018, 08:55

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