Transfer of Lionel Messi : a departure to PSG ? New items

MESSI - The series of the possible departure of Lionel Messi of FC Barcelona continues. According to Le Parisien and Téléfoot, Di Maria and Neymar would have pr

Transfer of Lionel Messi : a departure to PSG ? New items

MESSI - The series of the possible departure of Lionel Messi of FC Barcelona continues. According to Le Parisien and Téléfoot, Di Maria and Neymar would have probed the argentine legend about a transfer to PSG... The info.

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[updated on August 28, 2020 at 1655 hours] PSG align-t-he soon an attack consisting of Neymar, Mbappé and Messi ? This perspective, a lot of fans on the parisian dream, and maybe a little more these last hours. And for good reason, since that argentine forward has officially expressed his desires to leave FC Barcelona, where he is a legend absolute with more than 700 games played, the parisian club is a part, with Manchester City, in particular, of the possible drop-off points for Lionel Messi. The Parisian, who confirms the information of the channel Téléfoot this Friday, says that the possibility has been raised by the main party itself, which would have had a conversion to three with Neymar, his friend and former teammate in Catalonia, and Angel Di Maria, the Argentinian of PSG, with whom Messi has apparently a close relationship.

The exchanges would have occurred as a result of the final of the champions League lost by the French club. Confident and obviously very motivated to the idea of finding Messi in Paris, the two players pushed all of that to Leonardo, sporting director of PSG. This last, this time according to The Team, then would have made contact with the father of the "Pulga", Jorge Messi, who handles the affairs of his son. This is the moment where the Parisians with the file Messi, but still only see the icon of barcelona treading on the lawns of League 1 remains for the moment very hypothetical, knowing that Manchester City seems to have a length in advance (see below). It will also have to convince the FC Barcelona, who in spite of his will to change the cycle with the appointment of Ronald Koeman as a trainer, does not seem at all inclined to let go of his star.

Barça wants to keep Messi

on the occasion of a press conference in the middle of the week, originally organized for the presentation of a new player, Ramon Planes, technical secretary of the club, has not denied the will of the departure of the Argentine, but was keen to point out that aside from barcelona, there was still and always the man with the 645 goals. "Ronald Koeman, the president and I must think of Lionel Messi for the future of Barça, building the future of the club, this is what we did today. (...) Our idea is to build the team around Messi", he said, conceding however that the announcement of his wish of departure "is an important info, but what you should try is to work to find the best solution for Barcelona and for Leo".

Before diving into the possibility of a new club, it should be noted that the desired starting Messi does not necessarily find a positive outcome. Already because the FC Barcelona, as confirmed by Ramon Planes, wants to keep his star striker and he should know that the transfers of players of this magnitude are very difficult to implement. One remembers for proof of the will of Neymar in the summer of 2019, making his return to FC Barcelona, but was not able to leave the PSG, in the absence of agreement between the two clubs. The clause of Messi, set at 700 million euros, is pharaonic, but a consensus could be found. On the other hand, his salary will remain an obstacle for 99.9% of the clubs in the world : in march 2020, France Football revealed that its fees - advertising revenue included - amounted to more than € 7 million per month, making him the footballer the best paid of the planet. Still, Lionel Messi now has one foot outside of Catalonia and its future arises more than ever since the beginning of his career.

Messi at PSG ? The parisian club reacts

As each time a star of the round ball is given up of his club, Paris Saint-Germain is automatically quoted as a drop-off point potential. If the club from the French capital was able to realise major opportunities in recent years, with the coming of Kylian Mbappé and Neymar, the arrival of a third giant of football doesn't seem to be the order of the day. The PSG has even reacted so unusually prompt to these rumors by judging from The Team to transfer her "impossible financially speaking". These last hours, hoping to see Messi join the champions of France has somewhat revived, with the revelations of the Parisian and Téléfoot mentioned in the beginning of the article, but all this remains for the moment in the domain of the hypothesis, the more total.

Manchester City, Inter Milan : possible leads

The track parisian ruled out, two other clubs are mentioned as possible future destinations for Lionel Messi. Manchester City now seems the most likely option, since the revelations of Marcelo Bechler, an independent journalist that the supporters of the PSG were certainly not forgotten as it was he who had announced the transfer of Neymar in the summer of 2017. The public media Catalunya Radio confirmed the information, adding that Messi would have wished to regain his former coach in Spain Pep Guardiola, with which the player spent his years with the more splendor, as in the game than in the quantity of trophies gained. To finish the operation, the daily sports newspaper in catalan "Sport" has reported that the English would be willing to put the means

Date Of Update: 31 August 2020, 21:57

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