Choose A Web Designer Carefully To Get Support After A Google Update

Did you ever see people brainstorming on the required changes in web design after any major SEO

Choose A Web Designer Carefully To Get Support After A Google Update
 Did you ever see people brainstorming on the required changes in web design after any major SEO rule change or Google update? If yes, then you know how difficult it becomes for website owners to find a direction after any major search engine update. Many things in website contents have to be changed, and the design also, therefore, must be aligned that way to support the changes and make things look better. This requires a lot of planning, a lot of testing and trials, and therefore, much time, dedication, and support. That’s why the role of a good and learned New York design company which knows SEO and marketing for designing is highly important.

You must choose a web designer who can amend a website as per major updates

It’s very important that your website designer is learned and experienced enough to bring important and much-required changes in your website as per the latest and trending search engine algorithm updates and SEO rules. Search engines keep on updating their algorithms. And Google always releases important releases on their updates. And the entire way of doing SEO changes or gets partially affected after each such update.

In that case, many things about the website content need to be changed where the design also plays an important part. And in that case, the designer you have hired must be ready to make those changes later enthusiastically and professionally so that your website stays compliant to the latest SEO and marketing requirements. Also, the web designer must have that much of knowhow to make the necessary changes without face problems. That’s why the choice of the web designer is vital and must be done based on the research of work and reputation.

Amending a website as per major updates is highly important and your website designermust be with you in this. The support of the designer on time can help you keep the website compliant with latest SEO rules.

How to cope up with a Google update

A Google update is a crucial event. After an update, many things change in the SEO world, which impacts almost every website somewhat or highly. To cope up with the changes, and ensure you are taking the right steps to update your website, you will have to look for a few things. Only then you may decide the appropriate professional help you should take, and may hire experts to get good results.

Go by trusted sources only

Once a new Google algorithm update is released, people all over the world start talking about it. Surprises, tensions, panics, happiness, and all types of reactions follow an update. That’s why people write and discuss all sorts of things. Bloggers, video bloggers, experts, all have their opinion, and they come up with those. In this scenario, there are tried and tested solutions and myths, both of which loom around the web. Hence, you should go with sources which are trusted. This prevents you from following a myth or discussion which is based on untested things. Google's own official blog is the best place to refer to. And then there are some trusted sit names like Search Engine land, Search Engine Journal, Moz, etc.


Watch for any changes in website traffic

While you decide on applying certain things on the website, you must also have a look at the site traffic. Any kind of change in site traffic must be thoroughly examined in this period. If you see the site traffic going drastically up or down, it must be serious, and due to the update. In that case, you need to talk to experts, content managers, and website designers to get things fixed the soonest.

Track the rank of your website

If you see any major change in the rank of your website after the Google algorithm update, then you will have to relate it with the change in the air. In that case, you will have to see if there is any deterioration in rank, then what may be the possible reasons. Accordingly, you will have to plan changes.

Don’t make any change in a hurry

At times after an update, it takes some time to understand the actual effects of it. People who use black hat or inorganic techniques to get rankings may have to worry. But if you are sure that you used all legit methods in site building, then you just need to get assurance about it from your web designer, and sit and wait and watch for a few days, before you bring on any drastic change in the website. Often a work that is done in a hurry messes up things. That's why you should plan for a change, but implements it without haste.

Arrange for a site audit

Getting your website audited by an expert is a very sensible decision that you can take after a major Google update. This always helps you take rational steps in coping up with the changing scenario of online marketing. Even if you had got the sit audited just a few days prior to the update release, you should plan another audit as soon as possible after the update release. That’s because the smallest inclusion or exclusion like some plugin or some developer patch may hit you badly.

Exceptions are always there

At times the changes you see with your website rank or traffic may be coincidental with the release of the Google update only, but may not have any relation with it. Hence, there may be other factors too affecting the site, and you must consult them with your web designer and developer.


The role of the web designer is versatile. It’s not just the look, style, presentation, and aesthetic side of a website which is governed by choice of the designer. There are so many other things which are governed in every step! Hence, you must see to it that you pick a good web designer for your website to get support during the rough times.

Date Of Update: 30 July 2019, 11:32

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