Is Instagram starting to replace Pinterest

While Instagram and Pinterest are both visual social platforms, they don’t have a lot of similarities

Is Instagram starting to replace Pinterest

While Instagram and Pinterest are both visual social platforms, they don’t have a lot of similarities.  People love images, and that’s why these two platforms have grown in popularity over the past few years. 

These socializing platforms allow people to upload images and photos for other users to see.  But the users on both sites use these images differently and prefer different images in terms of visual aesthetics and subject. Before looking at whether Instagram is replacing Pinterest, let’s first look at how people use these platforms.

Instagram is primarily used to share a user’s own photos while Pinterest is used to curate content shared online by other people. Instagram allows users to take photos and videos on their mobile device, upload to Instagram, and decide whether to post on other social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. Instagram users are looking for a more authentic and personal experience. 

Pinterest users on the other hand, are seeking inspiring and helpful ideas to plan their lives. They use Pinterest to search for specific content, inspiration, products and tips. They can then save, pin and group the content they have discovered to create visually appealing boards.

Although people use Instagram and Pinterest for different purposes, Instagram is the most popular platform. When Facebook bought Instagram in 2012, it had 110 million monthly active users. Today, that number has risen to a staggering 1 billion monthly active users. This incredible growth is a reflection of how much Instagram has been embraced by people worldwide.

Pinterest has 200 million monthly active users and has seen a 40 percent increase over the last year. With this kind of numbers, it is safe to say that Instagram is on track to become the most popular social media platform.

Why Instagram’s popularity has skyrocketed

1.It continually adapts and changes to improve user experience and growth

Instagram is one of the most innovative and adaptable social networks. Its ability to embrace and innovatively introduce features that originated from other social media platforms is unrivaled.

In 2016, Instagram introduced Stories, a daily montage of user’s photos and videos that disappear in 24 hours. The feature may have originated from Snapchat,but Instagram has taken it a notch higher, adding 400 million daily active users.

It has also been quick to add filters, another Snapchat functionality, and other features like private messaging and live video which improves overall user experience. As it continues to reinvent itself, Instagram growth and popularity will only increase.

2.It has become a home for brands

Instagram is the undisputed champion in user engagement. While you can tell stories on Pinterest through the strategic use of themed posts, it limits your ability to fully engage with other users on a more personal level.

Instagram, on the other hand, allows brands to engage with their followers through quick messages, photos, and videos. This gives users a personal experience with the brand. They can comment, like or share brand’s posts rather than passively looking.

Instagram also provides limitless exposure for brands. They can run precision advertising thanks to Instagram’s sophisticated ad tools. It allows brands to filter audiences by everything from interests to location and industry.

Since 32% of all internet users are on Instagram, it makes sense for brands to embrace Instagram.


There’s no doubt that Instagram is more popular with consumers and brands alike. It continually reinvents itself to deliver excellent user experience which, in turn, guarantees its growth.  Pinterest is also experiencing a growth in usage, albeit not as fast as Instagram. 

Although more people and brands are migrating to Instagram, Pinterest will remain as the go-to platform for making plans.

Updated Date: 24 September 2018, 09:59

Recep Karaca

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